Focus and concentration are the two difficult things that one has to apply in performing a task or doing any work, burning time on reading and learning studies, or weight loss. Most people often are very excited about performing new things, but sometimes they lack focus and concentration from work. People also have the myth they are better at multitasking. Still, the reality is, as per a study conducted, human brains cannot concentrate on two different things simultaneously with a 100% concentration level. We, humans, are better at switching tasks and work. In this, we will discuss all aspects of how to improve focus and concentration while performing tasks.

What is the focus? 

Focus meaning here refers to an individual’s determination to perform activities related to work, studies, losing weight, or achieving a particular designation in his life. 


Why can’t we focus?

Emotions and Overthinking can be a factor or the main reason that we lose our focus on things. It may also due to noisy environment distractions, negative thoughts, or fear to perform well. 

How to improve focus and concentration?

Prioritize your work


Some people are keen to learn new things, but after some time, we start getting bored from the tasks. We lose our focus and concentration to perform well. Our priorities are hampered at that particular point in time. To achieve success, whether you are doing small work or big work. Make it a priority, then move to the next assigned task. Otherwise, a stage will come you will not attain both, and you will feel demotivated to perform.

Workaround natural surroundings (Greenery)

green environment

The studies conducted that exposure to natural surroundings, including green plants, may prove advantageous for the understudy’s brain development. Another examination showed that improving an exposed office with plants expanded the profitability of laborers by 15%. The presence of greenery expanded work environment fulfillment, seen air quality, and detailed degrees of focus. The scientist’s examination subtleties that plants might be helpful because a green office advances representatives’ work commitment by making them all the more intellectually, inwardly, and truly associated with their work.

You might not have the advantage of a housetop garden or an office weighed down with plants, yet investing energy outside somewhere green, or having your lunch in the recreation center every day, could have a huge effect on your focus.


The inrush of completing the task on time. You start sacrificing your breaks and rest intervals, but someday it will impact your health and mental well-being. Working continuously on the same task will stress your mind. You will not be able to think innovatively and end up giving up. It’s better to take some rest and relax your mind so that you can restart with full potential.

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Turn off Mobile phone notifications. 

turn of mobile

One of the major factors from which we can easily lose concentration is electronic gadgets. As per research, children and youngsters using mobile phones cannot focus on learning and studies. Even though we people easily get distracted from mobile phone notifications and lacks our focus from work. Notifications on mobile phones tempt us to use phones which can be a major reason for distraction. It’s better to turn off the notification so that you can focus on work.


Suppose you are having some problems in focusing and concentrating on tasks. Start doing meditation and yoga. It will relax you and further improve your concentration and help you eliminate your impulsive behavior. Rehearsing mindfulness can include figuring out how to ponder. It can likewise be pretty much as straightforward as trying a snappy and simple profound breathing activity.