Finest Peanut Butter Recipes
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Here are all of the finest peanut butter recipes to help you use up this delicious nut butter! 

Do you have peanut butter? There’s hardly much this delicious nut butter can’t improve. It may be used in cookies, cakes, oats, bars, savory sauces, and even hummus or pancakes! There is nothing that peanut butter cannot do. 


Peanut Butter Energy Ball

Finest Peanut Butter Recipes
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Here’s a nutritious snack that tastes so good you might steal one for dessert. Make these peanut butter energy balls! Simply combine a few basic components and boom! You now have an immediate homemade snack that is far superior to store-bought granola bars or energy bites. Even better, they’re high in protein and fiber for such a little ball.


The finest energy ball recipe’s ingredients 

These energy balls are quick and simple to create, with ingredients you may already have on hand. 

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We now want our energy ball recipes to be as basic as possible. We always have oatmeal, peanut butter, and honey on hand… So why not take advantage of them? They’re very simple to make, and kids like them! You’ll need the following ingredients to make these peanut butter oatmeal balls: 


Rolled oats, old-fashioned 


No sugar is added to this creamy peanut butter! To avoid nuts, use sunflower butter. 


For vegans, use agave syrup instead of honey. 


salt kosher 




Protein powder in vanilla or chocolate


Make sure to get the mini chocolate chips! They work best for tightly packing the balls.


Peanut Butter Granola Recipe


Finest Peanut Butter Recipes
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Prepare to throw out all of your previous granola recipes, because this one is all you need. Try this simple peanut butter granola recipe, which requires only a few ingredients and yields delightfully clumpy granola with a rich, cinnamon-spiced flavor. With the varying texture of the clusters, there’s no need for mix-ins (but you may, of course!). Let’s get your peanut butter and oats ready.


Ingredients for this simple peanut butter granola 


To toast the oats to crispy perfection, most granola recipes require oil. Certainly not this one! Nut butter may be used in place of oil, making it an excellent no-oil granola substitute. But that’s not why we like this dish so much! It’s very simple, requires just a few things that we always have on hand, and produces fantastic clumps (which is harder to achieve with a standard granola recipe). What you’ll need is as follows: 


Creamy peanut butter 




Extract of vanilla 




salt kosher 


rolled oats, old-fashioned 


Combine these ingredients and bake to make instant granola! 


Peanut Butter Smoothie


Finest Peanut Butter Recipes
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A peanut butter smoothie is the tastiest, finest drink that also happens to be healthful! You can say goodbye to milkshakes forever since this smoothie is equally filling. It has the most delicious pure peanut butter taste and the silkiest, creamiest texture. Even better, you just need three ingredients (plus ice)! It’s simple to make vegan or plant-based, and it makes an excellent breakfast or snack. We also offer it as a dessert after dinner! Here’s how to create it…and why you’ll be unable to quit sucking it.


What makes it the greatest peanut butter smoothie? 


Some peanut butter smoothies are nice, but this one is outstanding. What makes it so unique? 


It has a clean, sweet taste. It’s peanut buttery and banana-forward to perfection. 


It has a silky smooth and creamy feel. The perfect thickness for drinking! 


It’s packed with nutritious nutrients. There is no additional sweetness; only natural components are used. 


It’s simply made from plants. It just needs 34 cups of milk, which may be any nondairy milk of your choice!


This peanut butter smoothie’s ingredients 


This is also known as a peanut butter banana smoothie. And the name already tells you the majority of the components! This nutritious smoothie is so simple that you may already have all of the ingredients on hand. Here’s what you’ll require: 


Naturally, peanut butter! If possible, go for an all-natural peanut butter with no added sugar or oil. 


2 ripe, room temperature bananas: All you need are 2 ripe, room temperature bananas! Many smoothie recipes call for frozen bananas, but this needs forethought. We never remember to freeze bananas, so we modify our smoothie recipes to include room-temperature bananas.

Milk: The milk aids in the blending process and contributes to the creamy texture. You can use either dairy or nondairy milk (keep reading for some options). 


Ice: Ice adds to the frothy texture!


Peanut Butter Pancakes


Finest Peanut Butter Recipes
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What’s the point of making conventional pancakes when you can make them…Peanut Butter Pancakes? One of the finest breakfast secrets is to add a dab of creamy nut butter to pancakes. It imparts an appealing savory, nutty taste to flapjacks! We learned to add nut butter to our eggless pancakes, and we felt even more PB couldn’t harm. This fluffy pancake dish is topped with bananas, maple syrup, and another smear of peanut butter…quite it’s divine.


Peanut butter pancake ingredients :


This peanut butter pancakes recipe is quick and simple, using only a few ingredients that are common in the flapjack repertory. What you’ll need is as follows: 


Of course, peanut butter! To achieve the nicest texture, use creamy peanut butter. You may substitute any nut butter (see below). 


One egg binds everything together, which you may eliminate if you like and substitute with 14 cups of milk. 


Use whichever milk you like! Vegans can substitute non-dairy milk. 


All-purpose and whole wheat flour: A combination of flours adds complexity to the flavor. 


Cinnamon and baking powder: Just the proper amount of lift and spice. 


Try organic grapeseed oil, canola oil, or even melted coconut oil as a neutral oil.


Light brown sugar: Any sugar will do, including granulated, coconut, and so forth. You may even use maple syrup instead of honey and use a bit less milk.