And while it’s still a respectable achievement to devour a whole pack of chips in one sitting (hands up if you’re ashamed!), this accomplishment is tiny compared to some of the world’s insane food obstacles out there. Pioneered by the reality program Man vs. Food, daring food competitions can be found in restaurants worldwide. The idea is simple: tourists tackle monstrous portions of food for a winning shot (and usually a free meal or prize). The goal is to gulp, gobble and gore their way to glory with these ravenous eaters.

So, are you thinking about the problems out there? Time for the belt to relax. Here’s a rundown of 10 severe food challenges in the USA that you can find:

The Pho Superbowl Challenge

Pho Superbowl Challenge

The real Pho. Suppose you can complete this Seattle Dong Thap Noodles super bowl of Pho, containing 3 lbs of noodles, 3 lbs of beef, and 3 liters of broth. In that case, your prize is a free meal and a sweet $100 cash (maybe for a potential gym membership?). Evidently, so far, only a few individuals have fulfilled the challenge.

Roxy Dawgs in Corvallis, Oregon

Roxy-Dawgs-in Corvallis

For the Dawg Pack Challenge, which allows you to eat each hot dog on the menu in less than just an hour, go to Oregon and engorge your stomach. You will get the food for free if you finish on time, and they will post you in the restaurant on the “Leader of the Pack” list. You’ll score an additional $100 whether you’re a resident or a student at OSU and beat the highest time on the board.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge

Insane food challenges in USA

At California’s San Francisco Creamery Co., this crazy ice cream sundae includes “three sliced bananas, spoonfuls of your selection of up to 8 ice cream flavors, 8 portions of toppings, piles, and hunks of whipped cream, minced toasted almonds, and cherries.”

For a YEAR, the prize is free ice cream, but to win, you need to do more than complete it… well, you need to break the current record time. Has someone said brain freeze?

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The 72 oz Steak Challenge

72oz Steak Challenge, food challenge in usa

The Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery in Amarillo, TX, this challenge, accept it or not, has been running great since 1962. Here, consumers can overcome a 72 oz steak, which is free if eaten within an hour.

Here’s how it all started with this iconic challenge: one day, restaurant owner Bob (RJ) Lee held a cowboy eating competition to see who could scarf down most 1 pound steaks in an hour. The final winner ended up eating 72 ounces of beef, a baked potato, a drink of seafood, and even an additional bread roll, which inspired Bob to announce that if they could stomach the same, anybody from that day on would get their free meal.

The Kodiak Arrest Challenge

Kodiak Arrest Challenge ,food challenges in usa

Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage, Alaska, presents a ludicrous competition of “7 crabs nuggets, 14′ of reindeer sausage, 3 lbs of Alaskan King Crab, sides, wild berry crisp and ice cream” if seafood is more about your thing. At 179.99, it’s an expensive dinner, which is why you need to achieve the fastest time to get one for free (12 minutes and 10 seconds), but eating this beast in an hour would earn you a free t-shirt and a position in the prestigious Hall of Fame of Humpy.

Binga’s Winga’s in Yarmouth, Maine

Binga’s Winga’s Yarmouth, food challenge in usa

Going to Maine for a barbecue might be unrealistic, but here we are. In reality, these guys bring three challenges: a hot wing challenge, a record beat, anything that you can eat wing challenge, and The Meat Mountain! The Meat Mountain is a 5 lb. Chicken tenders, barbecue wings, pork belly, brisket, and anything else they choose, all poured over a pound of French fries. You’ve got to get it all down in 30 minutes. And this without a $59.99 antacid tablet.

The Mount Olympus Burger Challenge 


If you ever locate yourself in Clinton, NJ, at Clinton Station Diner, a 50-pound burger (aptly called the Mount Olympus Burger) is awaiting. Got meat sweats now? Don’t be scared! With this challenge, the support of four friends may be enlisted. You will get it for free by finishing this mammoth burger in 3 hours with your team. They still have different choices, coming in at 7lb (the Zeus), 3lb (the Atlas), and 2lb (the Hercules), if you choose anything smaller.

The Obstacle for the Carnivore


You have 1 hour to contend with an 11-pound pizza alongside a buddy of your selection at Big Pie in the Sky (pizzeria with branches in Kennesaw and Roswell, GA). About the prize? If you were able to achieve the challenge that only 7 teams ever get, $250 money. Try your hand at breaking the new record, which stands at 33 minutes, if you feel extra ambitious.

Flann O’Brien’s in Boston, Massachusetts

Flann-O’Brien’s-in Boston,-Massachusetts

The Irish are famous for their pancakes, so it’s no wonder we go to them for the challenge of our breakfast. 3 rashers, 4 Irish sausages, 3 scrambled eggs on top of a pancake, six bits of white and black pudding, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and veggies, homemade fries, baked Irish beans, buttered white toast & brown bread, and a bowl of fresh sliced fruit are all one hour away. They’ll put in a pint of Guinness, if you’d like, to wash it all down. You get a jersey, a free dessert, and a $10 gift card when you’re finished. Drink a pint of Guinness, and they’re going to chuck their hats in, too.

Shakespeare Pub in San Diego, California


The Great White Whale Competition is an immense fish and chip tray. You get two pounds of battered fish, two pounds of “adequate fries,” and a pretty big bowl of peas. Complete it in 45 mins or less, and it’s on the house. You even get a free T-shirt. If you don’t finish, bring home the leftovers thinking you’re paying a very fair $29.95.