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Akul Sharma
Akul is a writer with a strong passion for exploration. From knowledge to experiences, he loves collecting bytes that make life an interesting story. He has more than 4 years of experience in the advertising industry, wherein he has penned down his thoughts as blogs, social posts, and scripts. He has also written a book inspired by my solo travels.

Don’t be addicted to stress

As teenagers or young adults, even the strongest of us had an emo phase. Listening to sad songs on fairly happy days became a...

The essence of the golden ratio in everyday life

It’s amusing to know how the tiniest atoms in the universe and the gargantuan galaxies are bound by the same proportion! The Golden Ratio...

The extraordinary tale of Jamie Vardy

Sports are amazing – to play as well as to watch! The general competitive story and the rollercoaster of emotions on being the winner...