By the end of this year, AMD stated, it would launch its new design centre campus in Bengaluru, and within five years, it will add 3,000 new engineering positions.

Papermaster claims that “Our India teams will continue to play a key role in delivering the high-performance and adaptable solutions that support AMD customers worldwide.”

The brand-new facility, which is 500,000 square feet (55,555 square yards) in size, will expand AMD’s office space in India.

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AMD processors are utilised in a variety of systems, including data centres and desktop PCs. Additionally, the Santa Clara, California-based company is developing an AI processor to compete with Nvidia, the current market leader. In contrast to its main rival Intel, AMD contracts with companies like Taiwan’s TSMC to produce the processors it develops.

In order to prevent supply chain shocks like those experienced during the epidemic, several countries are now striving for the technologies that TSMC and Samsung, a company from South Korea, have perfected.

India announced a $10 billion incentive package for the chip industry in 2021, but the plan has failed since no business has been able to secure approval for building a fabrication factory, the keystone of Modi’s objectives.

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Other investments in India include an engineering centre worth $400 million over several years to be established in June by American chip equipment manufacturer Applied Materials and a $825 million investment in a Gujarat semiconductor testing and packaging operation by chipmaker Micron.