Nandan Nilekani co-founder of Infosys gave Rs 315 crore to IIT Bombay in June, and the institution has now christened its famous main building in his honor.

The co-founder of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani, visited IIT Bombay on Wednesday and credited his alma mater for all of his accomplishments. His comment comes a month after he gave the institute Rs 315 crore to commemorate his 50-year relationship with it.

Nilekani wrote on Twitter, “A special day for me. I returned to IIT Bombay 50 years after I initially enrolled there. IIT Bombay has shaped who I am. I am convinced that this holy institute is on the path from being India’s finest to being 1 of the world’s finest!”

Meanwhile, IIT Bombay has declared that its famous main building would be dedicated after Nandan Nilekani. According to the institute, the structure will be known as the “Nandan Nilekani Main Building.” “Celebrating 65 Years of Excellence at IITB” Nandan Nilekani, Class of 1973, was honored with a special felicitation ceremony.

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ImageCredit: iitb

“In recognition of his service and support, the IITB’s Board of Governors deliberated and decided to dedicate its famous main building to him,” the institute tweeted with photographs of its alumnus.

The donation provided by Nilekani may rank among the biggest ever given by an alumnus in India. In total, he has pledged to donate Rs 400 crore to the institute, which follows his prior commitments of Rs 85 crore.

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Nilekani enrolled in IIT Bombay in 1973 to pursue a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.

Nilekani expressed her gratitude for the donation by stating that IIT-Bombay “has been a cornerstone in my life, molding my formative years and establishing the framework for my path. As I celebrate my 50th year of affiliation with this esteemed school, it is an honor for me to give back and support its future.