In Sector 16 near the DND flyway, officials in Noida, which is next to Delhi, have started erecting a cover of grilles and tin shades in front of various slum settlements that are located on the roadside.

Locals said the divider was harming their business and obstructing airflow in the already crowded slum quarters, despite officials’ claims that the placement was part of a beautifying project.

Shopkeeper Mohammad Salim, 45, said that he hasn’t been getting much business lately because his Mother Dairy store is now concealed by grilles. “The tin shades weren’t here for very long, but these jhuggis are. 

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It is rather claustrophobic since they have surrounded the space with these jalis, leaving only one little hole, claimed Raj Kumari, a homemaker. We used to be able to sit outside while our kids played. But we can’t anymore. Vegetable vendor Ram Yadav, 40, stated: “After this new wall, I cannot put my redi (cart) right outside, on my usual spot.”

We are jam-packed here, said Bablu Kumar, a 35-year-old proprietor of a food store on the edges of the highway slum. We sought to speak with several local officials, but they told us they couldn’t stop the work because the tender had already been issued. My fruit and vegetable store has closed down entirely. How will I make ends meet with three kids now?

A 42-year-old domestic helper named Amina observed, “If they don’t like anything, they just conceal it. Why not deal with our issues as slum residents instead? It will suffocate us further once the green shades are fully installed.

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Prabhash Kumar, the Additional CEO of the Noida Authority, refuted the claims.

We are working diligently to complete this task before the end of the month in light of the G-20 preparations. The design of the grille enclosing the slums, Kumar said, “is such that ventilation should not be a problem.”,