Earning a few additional money with a Side Hustle is now easier than ever, thanks to the internet. However, while there are several ways to earn money, you must select the side hustle ideas that best suit your skills and needs.

Fortunately, there are numerous creative ways to generate money without investing or requiring a highly specialized skill set. While not all side hustles are right for you, you should choose the one that provides the greatest value because work happiness is what matters the most at the end of the day.

Your decision will most likely be influenced by what you are capable of, interested in, and passionate about. In this piece, we will discuss ten passive income sources that you can use in India. Most of these ideas are simple to set up and manage. Still, they need talent, patience, dedication, and hard work to generate revenue, particularly passive income. There are numerous instructions on our website. Let’s get this party started!

What is the significance of Side hustles?

Side hustles allow you to follow your passions outside of your 9-5 job while still earning extra money. It is all about personal development and discipline, and it can help you build an entrepreneurial spirit.

When deciding on a side hustle, you should consider how you want to supplement your existing work. This could range from blogging to selling your artwork on the internet. You can also generate some additional money and indulge yourself. Whatever your side hustle is, it ultimately boils down to following your passions and seeing them through.

Here is the list of 10 best side hustle ideas to earn extra income in India

1. eCommerce

e commerce

India is one of the world’s largest eCommerce markets. There are approximately 730 million eCommerce users in the sector, and revenues are expected to reach USD 660,000 million by 2024. The booming online retail sector in India simply implies that an increasing number of individuals are using online platforms to purchase things ranging from food to apparel, jewelry, electronics, furniture, toys, and more.

Products can be sold online through prominent platforms such as eBay and Amazon. In India, you can experiment with internet platforms and set up your own online store. You can make money by selling your own items, selling the products of others, selling digital things, and so on.

2. Blogging


In India, blogging can be a fun way to earn passive income. You can start blogs about travel, culinary, fashion, hobbies, and other topics. You can monetize your site by promoting things through affiliate marketing, running advertisements, or eCommerce. Before you begin your blog, you must first decide on a blog topic. You should pick a topic that you are enthusiastic about (or at least really interested in) that is not too seasonal and can be monetized. Blogging can be a great way to earn money passively. However, blogging is not as simple as it appears. Before your blog takes off and attracts traffic, you must have patience, devotion, expertise, and commitment.

3. Work as a driver for Uber or Ola.

ola uber driver

Driving with Uber or Ola is one of the greatest and most varied methods to generate money. Companies like these have changed the way we think about transportation in today’s sharing economy. What makes these ride-sharing firms so appealing is that you may choose when you want to work with the touch of a button. This is a straightforward and quick option to supplement your income in metropolis areas like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai.

4. YouTube


YouTube is a prominent video-sharing network, and anyone in any country can create videos for it. By having your own channel on YouTube, you can make a passive income. You can earn over 74k INR per month with a monetized channel if you have the proper material, a rising following, and the right methods. When using YouTube as a source of passive income, it is critical to select the correct niche for you. For example, suppose India is your target market. In that case, you may start by searching for hot themes there, or you can utilize Google trends and autocomplete in the YouTube search engine to get the most recent and popular search keywords.

5. eBooks

e books

eBooks are growing increasingly popular all across the world, including India. It is possible to earn money by generating eBooks and selling them to internet users. It is not as tough as it may appear. If you have a Gmail account, you can get started right away. When deciding to publish an eBook, it is critical to select a niche topic that both you and your readers would be interested in. When deciding to participate in this passive income stream, it is critical to first identify your target market, interests, requirements, and challenges. Your themes should be intriguing to you because you’ll be writing about them, and they should solve a real-world problem for your consumers. 

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6. Podcasts 


Podcasts are quickly gaining popularity as a means of disseminating information to a larger audience. Podcasts are simple to create if you have a good enough microphone (a smartphone would enough to get started) and useful material to share. Popular podcast topics in the United Kingdom, for example, include entertainment, humor, discussion and talk programs, news and current affairs, sport, society and culture, politics, and hobbies. It all boils down to what you are passionate about and interested in.

7. Gaming


India’s gaming industry is big and expanding. You must be competent at gaming if you want to earn money passively through it! You can look online for the most popular games with a large audience, pick your favorite, and begin playing. When it comes to earning money through gaming, personality, interaction, and community are crucial. All you have to do is find a service in your area, sign up for it, pass the exam, make deliveries, and make money. Food delivery, like charging scooters, is more of an active income notion because you are involved in the delivery process. You can, however, perform it as a highly flexible side hustle in your spare time or on the weekends.

8. Selling Stock Images

Aggati Island

India is a breathtakingly gorgeous country with amazing vistas! Photography enthusiasts can make a passive income by selling stock photos of India or other intriguing images online. Why not monetize your lovely but idle images in your house, computer, or on a hard drive? You could be sitting on a large sum of money without even realizing it. You may sell your stock photographs online using sites like Shutterstock or other Indian platforms. It is not difficult to sell stock photographs.

You merely need high-quality images that catch the eye and are required by businesses or individuals for projects. You should also think about the cost and type of photo. Depending on the quality and appeal, some can command a higher price than others. Indian photographers can profit from the growing demand for high-quality photographs by using photo-based web platforms to generate passive income.

9. Domain Flipping

domain flipping

Flipping domain names can yield a significant amount of passive revenue if done correctly. Flipping domain names can be a fantastic place to start if you search for a passive income stream. Domain switching is a simple process. All you have to do is purchase a domain name at a reasonable cost, hold it while looking for a buyer, and then sell it to your buyer for a profit. Businesses and individuals who want to get online want a domain name to construct a website.

If you live in India, you can select geographically relevant domain names. For example, you may select a domain name related to a coffee business in your area of operation. Even though you may require some funds to get started, flipping domains can be a good source of passive income when done correctly. You may need to undertake some research utilizing sites such as Google Trends to identify the trends in your area.

10. 3D printing

3d printing

3D printing is a growing technology that may be marketed to provide passive revenue. 3D printing can be marketed in various ways, including dropshipping, eCommerce, renting out a printer, and charging others to print products for them. Naturally, some of these ideas are more passive than others; it all depends on your areas of interest and how passive you want your business to be.

Even if you love your full-time job, it is crucial to have an outlet to develop your passions and express free-thinking- this is where side hustles come in handy.

While side hustles might help you earn extra money, they are also beneficial for many other reasons, such as teaching you to move outside your comfort zone and build life skills. While finding another employment may be difficult, there are numerous alternatives to supplement your income, as described above.

So obtain a side hustle and hone those talents!