Are you wondering which Indian cities have unmatched riches and prosperity? Have you ever pondered what distinguishes these metropolitan treasures from the many other Indian metropolises? Together, we will explore the top ten wealthiest cities in India and discover the fascinating development narratives that surround them also who are wealthiest residents of these cities. 

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Mumbai, the nation’s financial hub and the residence of the wealthiest billionaires in India, is the wealthiest city in the nation. 

Mumbai tops the list with 328 rich list firms as well. The wealthiest family in India, the Ambani family, as well as well-known actors, call it home.


Delhi, the nation’s capital, is the second-richest city in India. In the last year, it has grown by 66%. In the list of the wealthiest cities in the world for 2023, it came in at number 36 overall.

With 199 entities, New Delhi holds the second position. The wealthiest persons in the city are Shiva Nadar and his family; their position on the list attests to the strength of the nation’s capital.


Bengaluru—known as India’s Silicon Valley—is the country’s third-richest metropolis. Bengaluru, with 100 entities, takes third place. 


Telangana, the state in southern India, with Hyderabad as its capital. According to the latest report, it is the sixth wealthiest city in India. Hyderabad is a strong fourth-place finisher with 87 entities, demonstrating the city’s influence on the national economy.


Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu stands at fifth position boasting 57 entities. it rose to its current position with a gain of 16. Radha Vembu shines as the wealthiest person in Chennai. Chennai definitely saw a wealth surge in 2019.


Ahmedabad, one of the major cities of Gujarat is home to the wealthy Adani family. The city is standing on the 6th spot with 55 entities. Gujarat is known for its wealthy business folks and ahmedabad’s position in the list really showcase that. 


Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is the fourth wealthiest city in India. Kolkata ranks seventh among the richest cities in the country with 51 entities. Benu Gopal and his family lead Kolkata’s wealth distribution. 


Pune stands at 8th position with 39 wealthy entities as its residents, Cyrus Poonawalla and family are the richest amongst all of Pune’s elites. The city is a great contributor to country’s growing wealth. 

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Surat, the second city from the prosperous state of Gujarat stands at the 9th position with 27 entities. Ashwin Desai and family are the richest folks in all of Surat. known for its diamond merchants, the city’s wealth is growing day by day. 


Gurugram formerly known as Gurgaon secures 10th place in the list with 18 entities. Nirmal kumar Minda and family lead the wealth chart of the super modern city. Gurugram plays a major role in the country’s corporate sector.