The age-old question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) can surpass human ingenuity was answered with resounding clarity in a competition at the Wharton School.

In an experiment, conducted by Professor Karl Ulrich and his colleague Christian Terwiesch, Wharton MBA students competed against ChatGPT to come up with the most creative ideas. The outcomes were startling, with ChatGPT coming out on top.

In the past, people didn’t believe that machines were capable of creativity, particularly when it comes to coming up with original ideas. However, recent developments in AI, such as ChatGPT, have called this notion into question.

In this competition, both ChatGPT and MBA students had to come up with concepts for brand-new goods or services that college students would enjoy, but they couldn’t be more expensive than $50. Everyone played by the same rules in a fair competition.

They started by seeing who could generate the most ideas the quickest. ChatGPT generated 200 ideas in just over an hour, which is quite speedy. For the same task, a human would require days. Then, based on these concepts, they polled the public to see if they would purchase the products.

Surprisingly, 47% of participants supported ChatGPT’s suggestions while just 40% favored human ones. Therefore, the computer wasn’t only speedier; it was also fairly adept at developing ideas that people may find useful.

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ImageCredit: knowledge.wharton

It’s not about how many excellent ideas you have, but how incredible they are. Consider it similar to scoring goals in a soccer match. The top 40 concepts generated by the AI model were substantially superior, comprising 35 of the total.

This significant victory for AI raises the possibility that in the future, ChatGPT-like AI models may aid in the creation of innovative new ideas. It is similar to having a lightning-fast idea generator. However, choosing the finest ideas will still require the assistance of people.

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So it’s more like teamwork than a contest between humans and AI. Computers can assist in finding answers to problems that humans can specify and solve. This collaboration could result in even better outcomes for everyone.

In short, the computer performed exceptionally well in the competition, demonstrating that it is swift and inventive. However choosing the greatest ideas will always require human judgment. It’s similar to a future-winning team.