Almost every function and part of the body needs good breathing to carry out metabolic activities. Be it better digestion, cognition, reduction of the stress level, or a stronger immune system, good breathing exercises yoga can help you achieve them. Good breathing not only helps us to survive but also makes our life processes better. Also, good breathing is a blessing for a person going through anxiety, hypertension, or mental stress.

But in today’s world, the person can’t breathe properly due to the excess amount of pollution in the air. That’s why there is a crucial need for breathing exercises yoga nowadays. Also, as the second wave of the pandemic is hitting India, we can witness several people losing their lives every day due to the lack of oxygen. This situation is a lesson for all of us that we should pay proper attention to our lungs. This can only be done with the help of breathing exercises yoga.

It is now high time that every person on this earth should add breathing exercises yoga to their daily routine to stay fit and healthy. There is no need for very typical ones. Just follow some easier and simpler breathing exercises yoga daily. They do not require much effort and time but still keep you fresh and energetic all day long. 



deep breathing

This breathing exercise is of great help, trust me! It can be performed anytime and anywhere. It is very helpful when you are feeling low or depressed. This will make you feel calm and better. To perform this exercise, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Just find a suitable place and be seated. After sitting, just let your hair down (relax).
  • Now take a deep breath in so that your lungs can get filled.
  • Now breathe it out, emptying the lungs.
  • You can repeat the procedure for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can do this exercise anytime and as many times as you wish in a day.


lion breath

When you go for this exercise, you can imagine yourself as a strong lion who loves to roar. Apart from it, this is a great exercise for your lungs and can be done easily anytime and anywhere. To perform this breathing exercise, you can follow the following steps-

  • Sit on the floor or in a chair wherever you feel comfortable and appropriate.
  • Now inhale deeply so that your belly gets filled up with the air.
  • Now, if you can’t breathe more, just open your mouth and make the “HA” sound.
  • You can repeat the procedures as many times as you want and can do it several times in a day.

This exercise helps in good breathing and helps boost the confidence level if you have a nervous breakdown.


abdominal breathing

This is the perfect exercise you can do whenever you feel like that your heart is pounding out. Before a typical examination or before your presentation, try this exercise; you will feel so much better and confident. Moreover, this exercise will help you in keeping your lungs healthy. To perform this exercise, you need to follow these simple steps- 

  • You can perform it either just by standing or by sitting straight.
  • Now place one of your one hand on the chest and another one on your belly.
  • Now inhale deeply so that your diaphragm can get inflated with enough amount of air.
  • Now when you feel a stretching kind of sensation in your lungs, just exhale it out slowly.

Performing this exercise every day for 10 minutes can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

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pursed lips breathing

This breathing exercise can be performed immediately if you feel a shortage of oxygen or any kind of breathing issues. This exercise will help you to recover fast and can prove to be a lie savior. To perform this exercise, you need to follow the steps given below-

  • Just sit down in a position you find yourself most comfortable.
  • Now place your hands on your knees.
  • Breathe in slowly for a few seconds so that your abdomen gets filled up with air, not the lungs.
  • Now purse your lips and start breathing out slowly for the next few seconds.
  • Repeat the same process 5-10 times to get the results.


alternate nose breathing

Also known as Nadi Shodhana is one of the most prominent breathing exercises yoga. It not only enhances the rate of oxygen in the body but also cleanses the whole respiratory system. It promotes overall well-being and is recommended by many. To perform it, you just need to follow the given steps-

  • Just sit down on the ground, keeping your backbone straight and legs crossing each other. 
  • Now just breathe in and breathe out for a few seconds to get relaxed and feel comfortable.
  • Now place your left hand on the thigh in the mudra of OM, touching the head of the thumb to the head of the index finger.
  • Now make the Nasagra mudra by folding the middle and index finger.
  • Now close the right nostril with the thumb and take a deep breath through your left nostril.
  • Now open your right nostril and close the left one with the little finger and inhale deeply through your right nostril.
  • Repeat the same steps.


equal breathing

This breathing exercise helps a lot in maintaining balance and helps in smoothening the breathing process. It does not require so much time and effort, so it can be easily performed. To perform this exercise, you need to follow these steps-

  • Get seated in a comfortable position.
  • Now start breathing in and breathing out through your nose.
  • Start counting during each breathes so that you maintain the same gap between inhaling and exhaling.
  • Repeat the process for 5 to 10 minutes.

These were some of the exercises yoga that everybody should include in their daily routine. Not all. Just one can also be enough. So, try out these breathing exercises and stay safe and healthy.

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