Strength building is a long-term process and it surely doesn’t happen overnight. Ever wondered how those big rats like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth managed to get ridiculously big? Who doesn’t want beast-like power and those big biceps to flaunt? Going to the gym is only the first step towards the journey of getting bigger and stronger. You need to hit the right muscles and eat right to get big. But all of this won’t happen overnight. You need to be consistent and patient in order to achieve your desired physique. With the right set of exercises and proper workout routine, you can see your muscles grow and gain strength in the process. Lifting heavier and eating cleaner should be your goal to gain brute strength. The most important thing for a strong body is a strong core and strong legs. A strong core helps you in getting the proper balance and avoiding injuries during intense workout sessions. Here are 6 such exercises that will help you get bigger and stronger:

  • Deadlifts: This is no secret. Deadlifts are the most common form of workout for both, strength building as well as gaining mass. For performing a deadlift, you need to lift the weight off a bar and keep on challenging yourself with every set. You need to keep the bar closer to your legs and your back straight. This is important to avoid injuries. The heavier you lift, the stronger you become. Always start with a light or moderate weight but keep increasing the weights as you become comfortable with lifting. Keep your toes pointed slightly outwards and lift the weight of your lower back. This exercise targets your lower back, back part of the shoulders, and glutes. It is the most useful exercise for getting a stronger back and core.


  • Barbell Squat: After a stronger back, the next body part that you need to target in your legs. These are the two most important body parts for a strong physique. Place a barbell on your shoulders from the back while holding it with your both hands above your shoulder blades. Sit down in the squat position, hold for a second, and rise up. Avoid standing up with a jerk and try to keep the movement uniform. Do 10-12 reps of the exercise as per your strength. Keep in mind that your hips should go below the level of your knees. This will help you in getting strong glutes and hamstrings. This will also boost your stamina and your lifting capacity. Breathe in while you squat down and breathe out while standing up for better control on the movement. 

Barbell Squat

  • Bench Press: A strong physique is incomplete without a big and strong chest. A bigger chest gives proper balance to your physique and gives you an attractive look too. The bench press is a vital exercise for betting a wider and stronger chest. Lie down on a bench on your back with a little bend so that the weight falls on your upper back. Lift the barbell above your chest with grips slightly wider than the edges of the shoulders. Press the barbell upwards until your hands are fully extended. Squeeze your chest while pressing up and stretch it backward while pulling it back. Maintain the arch while doing the reps and try to increase the weight with every set. You can also incline or decline the bench to make the exercise even more challenging.

Bench Press

  • Barbell Shoulder Press: Bigger and rounder shoulders are a dram for every gym-going person as it gives perfect definition and shape to your upper body. Bigger shoulders also add to your arms’ strength and increase your lifting capabilities. To perform a barbell shoulder press, you can remain standing or sit on a bench. One thing that you need to keep in mind that your back must be straight like in the attention position to avoid the strain of your spine while lifting heavier weights. This is very important to avoid injury while lifting. Place the barbell near your collar bone with your grips slightly wide than the edges of the shoulder. Lift up the weight and extend your arms completely. Bring the barbell down after holding for a second. Repeat this uniform motion for 10-12 reps. You can stop the motion near your chin while pulling it down if going down further strains your shoulder. 

Barbell Shoulder Press

  • Sledgehammer Hit: You might have seen bodybuilders or athletes performing this exercise in movies or Youtube videos. Sledgehammer hit is a very useful exercise for both strength and stamina. You don’t need any special gym equipment for performing this exercise. Grab a truck or mini-truck tyre. Place it on the ground horizontally and pick a hammer.  Place your non-writing hand at the top of the hammer’s grip and the writing hand a little upwards. Bring the hammer from your back from over your head and hit the tyre’s surface with full force. Repeat this repetition until the kill and focus on the hammer movement. This workout targets a lot of muscles including your arms, back, and wings. This will also help you in boosting your stamina manifolds.

Sledgehammer Hit

  • Bentover Barbell Row: After lower back, legs, shoulders, and arms, its time for the upper back. Bentover barbell row is a very beneficial exercise for growing your lower back and gaining strength. This exercise strengthens your back and core and also improves your arm movement. Place your legs slightly wider than the position of your shoulder blades. Bend your knees by at least 45 degrees and bend your back similarly with your spine straight. Lift the barbell above your waist level with your grips on either side of the waist. Pull back the barbell backward and squeeze the muscles at your back, hold for a second and release in the same motion. Avoid jerk movement to avoid injury and for proper results. Try increasing the weight with time to gain more lifting strength. 

Bentover Barbell Row