If you have put on some extra weight and are trying to undo what’s been done, you’re up for quite an uphill task. Weight Loss is not as easy as putting on weight and your eating habits are only going to make the task difficult. Most of the people struggling with obesity or overweight think that going to a gym or starving helps in shedding the extra weight. While the former is true the latter is very subjective. It’s not how much you eat but what you eat. You need to keep a check on what nutrients you are consuming while having your meals.

Fats, carbohydrates and sugar are the three main ingredients that should avoid consuming as these are the basic nutrients that lead to weight gain. Fats are certainly not good for your body as unlike muscle mass, fats bring a lot of diseases along with them. Hence, not looking good is the least of the disadvantages of being overweight. I’ve prepared a list of 7 food items that you must avoid if you want to lose extra weight.

  • Potato: Potato contains a huge amount of carbs and this is the reason that skinny people consume boiled potatoes for rapid weight gain. However, for someone struggling to shed weight, potatoes can be problematic. Whether you eat them boiled or in the form of fries, it is only going to make you heavier. Fries means a deadly combination of carbs and oil. They are also harmful to someone struggling with blood sugar levels which is a very common problem with overweight people. They are also very high in calories which again is a problem. Baked, roasted and fried potatoes may also contain cancer-causing substances called acrylamides. 
cutting potatoes
The potatoes are a very heavy source of starch. So it is not suitable to eat them while on a diet
  • Drinks of Beverages containing Sugar: If you have got a sweet tooth or can’t start your day without a cup of tea or coffee, your road to weight loss is going to be a tough one. You need to give up your love for sugar if you want to get the desired physique. Sugar-sweetened beverages available in the market are harmful to your body in more than one way. One problem with these beverages is that they contain a lot of calories and yet can’t satisfy your hunger like solid food. Hence, you will tend to overeat and consume twice the amount of calories you should consume. This is certainly not going to help in losing weight.
pouring soft drink
Filled with saturated and artificial flavours that are not suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • Artificial Fruit Juices: The emphasis here is on artificial and not fruit juices. While fruits are generally healthy for any type of body, artificial juices available in the market are loaded with artificial sweeteners and other external agents that are going to load you with calories. Some juices also contain soda which again is not good. Moreover, liquid diets are not gonna satisfy your hunger and overeating is going to be a norm if you follow such a routine. It is advisable to consume whole fruits as they are more healthy and also satisfy hunger.
colorful fruit juices
Anything artificial is not suitable for Weight loss they make some wrong changes in our body

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  • Alcohol: It is not only your liver that bears the load of alcohol consumption. Anyone with a desire for a lean body should focus on consuming more protein. Alcohol, however, contains more carbs than proteins. If we leave aside whisky, rum, and others, which are actually permissible if you consume them occasionally, beer is one such thing that you should completely avoid. Consumption of beer is often linked with weight gain and a big tummy. It is a good idea to replace your glass of beer with wine.
Weight Loss
Apart from Whiskey and rum beer is not suitable to drink while weight loss
  • Fast Food: If you eat Fast Food like it’s your staple diet and you can’t do without a slice of pizza or a bite of a cheesy burger, your diet chart requires a drastic shift. Fast Food items like Pizza contain highly processed flour, processed meat and a lot of artificial sugar in some cases. No matter how healthy and tasty they appear in the ads, they aren’t. Even if you can’t completely stop eating Fast Food, start in a phased manner. Try making pizzas and burgers at home as they will contain healthier ingredients.
junk food pizza burger chips
This is a strict no if you eat fast food while you wanna lose weight. Then there is no reason to try to lose weight
  • Cookies and Cakes: Sugar is not just harmful when consumed with beverages and drinks. It’s harmful in any form. Just like Pizzas and burgers, cookies, pastries and cakes contain high amounts of refined flour and added sugar. Apart from this, bakery items also contain trans fats. Trans fats are a source of many harmful diseases and you can’t sweat it out at the gym while being sick. Another fact is that cookies and pastries are light items and despite being loaded with calories, they won’t satisfy your hunger. You are only going to eat more and put on extra weight.
cupcakes and cakes
Cakes and sweets are nothing but sugar that will not help you reduce weight
  • White Rice: You might have seen athletes or fitness enthusiasts preferring brown rice over white rice. What is the reason? White rice contains very fewer amounts of protein and fibre. Moreover, it has high amounts of carbs. The more the carbs, the more is the weight gain. Various studies prove that frequent or daily rice consumption may lead to obesity. It also has a high glycemic index and hence, it can also lead to high blood sugar levels. Hence, it is a healthy thing to replace your portion of white rice with brown rice. 
white boiled rice
Rice is filled with starch but if eaten the right way you might be able to lose weight.