Jumping Rope is a basic exercise that can be performed by anyone irrespective of age or gender. Jump Rope exercise helps you in building stamina and flexibility and also promotes muscle growth. It is one of the basic cardio workouts that has been in trend for ages. A fun exercise, rope jump is easy to learn, requires the minimum expense, and can be learned within days. However, the scope and benefits of a basic rope jump are limited. Hence, we will tell you about 8 innovative variations of rope jump that will not only make you look cool but also increase the intensity of your workout.

But, before we move to the advanced levels, you need to perfectly master the basic jump rope exercise. For mastering a basic rope jump, you need to find the right balance and time your jump in sync with the rope movement. You need to spend enough time learning the basic rope jump to avoid injuries. Once you gain enough confidence, you can start your journey towards a whole new challenge.

1. High Knee Rope Jump: High knee rope jump is to make your workout intense and is very helpful in losing body fat. To perform a high knee jump, you need to switch your legs constantly while appearing to walk in the same place. You have to keep in mind that you lift your knees slightly above the basic level to increase the intensity of the exercise. This is a really effective exercise for fat-burning.

High Knee Rope Jump

2. Jump Rope Criss-Cross: This variation of rope jump has gained a lot of popularity on youtube and social media in recent years. Once you learn to perform a criss-cross jump rope perfectly, it will not only help you in maintaining a healthy routine but will also add value to your personality. However, this is a time taking exercise and requires patience and a high level of fitness. To perform a criss-cross jump rope, you need to jump just like in a basic jump rope but the rope movement is crisscross. You need to move the rope with your hands crossed to produce a criss-cross movement. Your upper body and core will be benefited from this exercise.

Jump Rope Criss-Cross

3. Half and Full Twist Jump Rope: This is really a fun and interesting exercise that will keep you entertained while working out. To perform this exercise, keep swirling the rope-like in a basic rope jump keeping your feet movement alternate. It should look like you are twisting your entire body on either side with every alternate jump. 

Half and Full Twist Jump Rope

4. Single Foot Rope Jump: If you are attempting this exercise, it means you have mastered the basic versions and want to overcome the next level of difficulty. Apart from the physical strength, single rope foot jump is a very useful exercise for getting great balance and concentration. As the name suggests, this exercise involves jumping rope on a single foot, with one foot on the air the entire time. You need to focus on building strong calves before attempting this exercise.

Single Foot Rope Jump

5. Double Unders: A hard nut to crack, double under is a really popular exercise among the CrossFit athletes. This is a really high-intensity workout that can challenge your strength and patience both. For performing double unders, the swirling speed of the rope needs to be faster than for the conventional rope jump. Also, a heavier rope can be more helpful in performing a perfect double under rope jump.

Double Unders

6. Backward Jumping: One key benefit of learning a backward rope jump is that you get to learn over 10 extra variations of rope jump just by learning this exercise. Know how? Well, after you master a traditional backward rope jump, you can perform all other variations of rope jump in the backward direction as well. 

Backwards Jumping

7. Running Hops: The coolest of all, running hops rope jump exercise includes shifting your balance on alternate feet just like you do while walking. However, the pace of swirling the rope should be very fast. So should be the pace of the alternate movement. Keep increasing the pace until it appears like you are running over the same place with the rope swirling continuously.

Running Hops

8. Triple Rope Jump: Now this could really be a daunting task until you don’t inherit your genes from Flash himself. One requires a perfect combination of balance, speed, and focus to master this jump. In layman’s language, triple rope jump means passing the rope from beneath your feet thrice in a single jump. No matter how difficult it appears, this can be a massive boost for your self-confidence. All you have to focus is on the pace of the movement of the rope and the perfect timing of the jump.

Triple Rope Jump