A lot of fitness enthusiasts have been shifting from weight training to cardio and Crossfit training in recent times due to its advantages. Cardio fitness has become very popular among both genders in recent years. Cardio training not only keeps you fit but also boosts your immunity and helps in avoiding serious heart diseases. Cardio training can be done alone or along with weight training at the gym. A key advantage of cardio training is that you don’t need any special equipment to perform the exercises. However, several devices such as heart pulse measuring devices and fit-bit make are easy for people to track their progress and this helps in increasing their trust over cardio training.

Let’s see why cardio training is important for us to remain fit and healthy

  1. Reducing excessive fat from the body: With growing age, tight work schedule, and unorganized eating habits, unnecessary fat gets stored in our body specially in areas like stomach, thighs, and arms. This affects our Body Mass Index heavily. According to some researchers, people practicing cardio exercise tend to have lower amounts of fat in their bodies. Visceral fat is a kind of fat that is associated with severe heart ailments. It has also been found that two people with the same BMI have different body fat ratio. Those performing cardio exercises tend to have less body fat as compared to those who do not.
  2. Better Sleep: It has been proven in various studies that exercise helps a person in getting better and uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep is directly linked to your fitness and work performance. Those who do not perform many physical tasks throughout the day can compensate by performing cardio exercises to get a good sleep at the end of the day. Several problems like Insomnia can be overcome with regular cardio exercise. This will directly help you in beating stress.
  3. Prevent Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the widely spread diseases with a lot of middle and old-aged people suffering from it. It can cause several other diseases that include heart and kidney disease. It was found in several kinds of research that people having risk factors for type-2 disease or are under the risk of inheriting the disease from their family, were able to avert the disease with frequent exercise and cardio along with a balanced diet. Diabetes can affect kids with weak immune systems too, hence, cardio is an excellent way of keeping such diseases at bay.
  4. Overcoming anxiety: It is a proven fact that exercise helps a person in gaining self-confidence and boosting their attitude. Cardio not only helps in keeping your body fit but also trains your mind and helps you in fighting anxiety. It has been found in various studies that people performing cardio exercises for at least 3 days a week were able to fight panic disorder and anxiety. This also helps in increasing your concentration and performing your tasks with clarity.
  5. Fighting Depression: There is no particular drug that can cure depression. Depression is not a disease but just a kind of mental imbalance that can happen due to certain reasons. It’s better to sweat out your worries during the workout session to remain tension free for the rest of the day. Studies have proved that people with low cardiorespiratory fitness are 75% more prone to getting depressed. The study results revealed that the rate of risk of depression went down with an increase in the intensity of the cardio workout. Hence, it is of vital importance to follow a strict fitness routine to avoid all such mental problems that affect your day to day life.