Undeniably, travel and tourism teach us a lot about places, cultures, foods, languages and much more and this can be a major reason why so many people love to travel the world. It expands our knowledge that we have acquired by watching television and reading books, as traveling gives us a real-time experience. 

Yes money matters

If asked do you love traveling? Then most of us will say yes. But when asked which places have you explored, then some may count many places, some will say a few, some will say very little. It can be zero as well for some. As travelers need money, and that you will have to earn. Well, it depends on you if you want to spend it on a trip or you want to save it for your future expenses. And it will be wrong to advise what you should do with your money. But, if you want to spend it on a trip then you will have to be smart while preparing your travel budget. And it will be okay for you to book things in advance such as transportation, accommodation, and others, as it saves time and you can do these things according to your pocket. 

Dishes and drinks

Foodies will seek food wherever he/she goes and why not, it’s our right to have fun. Babas also say ‘Khaao Piyo Mauj Karo’. And a simple dish will give you a better taste when you are with your friends and that also at a lovely place. And that place can be anywhere, it depends upon your choice. And different places offer you different dishes and each dish may give you a new experience. And this can be a temptation that will give you the motivation to go and explore the world. The beauty of nature, the songs of birds, and the flowing rivers all are waiting for you to join them. 

You can even get someone special

Well, this is my fantasy, but there are chances that it can be a reality for you. As whenever we visit someplace we meet different kinds of people with different attitudes and aura. And some talk so well that we want to make them friends and even we make them friends, and time can change that friend into a special person who you were searching for. Think positive and positive things will happen. 

Variety of flora and fauna

Some places are also famous for the national parks and it is not needed to explain what you can get to see, be it cheetah, tiger or others. Some places can even mesmerize you with a creature that you haven’t heard of, and that can give you a pleasant experience. The world is a home to many species, some are known to us and some can be a surprise for us. And traveling gives you surprises, and to realize it, you will have to plan a trip. 

Businessmen travel for a specific purpose

When we are talking about travel, tourism, money, and budget then how can we prevent ourselves from talking about those who travel a lot and money is not a factor that bothers them. Yes, they are businessmen or women, I am not talking about gender. What I want to highlight is that personalities associated with business travel a lot but they are not interested in seeing rivers flowing, the sun rising. As these things distract them from the purpose for which they travel. Yes, they invest their time on tours but not when they are on business tours. Their tour is very much different from the common people who hit the road to explore the beauty of nature. 

Is traveling a fascination for office goers

Well, the answer to this question can neither be a 100 percent yes nor will be a 100 percent No. As many will agree that yes traveling is a thing that fascinates them, they want to travel but their pocket prohibits them, some will say their office work is a barrier. But some will say despite all these things I have traveled to some places. And what will you say to those who are still thinking? It will be okay to say: Where there is a will, there is a way. Traveling is not that much difficult, just you need to stop thinking and start doing. 

Good luck to those who are planning to present themselves an awesome trip after coronavirus fear ends. But as of now stay home, stay safe. And relax, ‘Acche Din Aayenge’.