It is easy to build biceps and chests after a few months of workout. Most people focus on biceps and chest growth primarily to make their upper body look good. However, they don’t pay equal attention to their legs. This results in making their muscle growth look asymmetric and also affects the body balance in the long run. Strong legs are very important for the proper balance of the body. Strong legs are equally important for making your body look not only fit but also symmetric. Leg workout is one of the most tiring workouts and hence, many think it is better to avoid it completely or hit the legs occasionally. However, it can prove harmful in the long run and can also cause injuries once you start lifting heavy.

Don’t mistake strength for the size of your biceps. Legs and back are 2 key parts that provide your body the strength and balance. Hence it is very important to have strong and toned legs. Many think that simply running on a treadmill for a few minutes or going for a walk will be enough. Wrong. Legs are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body and the bigger the muscles, the more intense the workout should be. Here are 5 such exercises that will help you get strong legs.

1. Squat Jump: This exercise is a combination of a normal squat and a jump. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and do a squat in such a way that your thighs remain parallel to the floor. Now, jump as high as you can from the same position. Try to bend your knees at 45 degrees while landing and pause in the squat position after you land. After a 15 seconds pause, jump again. Do 10-12 reps in a set and perform 3-4 sets of this exercise with a 15-20 seconds break after every set. This exercise strengthens your entire lower body and is a very good calorie burner as well.

Squat Jump

2. Dumbbell Step-up: You need two dumbbells and a bench or any other elevated platform suitable for stepping up. Stand behind the elevated surface with one double each in both the hands. Now move forward and step up on the elevated platform with one leg while keeping the pressure on your thighs. Leave the other leg hanging. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat the exercise with your other leg. This exercise will help you in developing immense power in your legs. It will also increase your stamina.

Dumbbell Step-up

3. Deadlifts: Deadlift in a very useful exercise that mainly hits the back but is also very useful for the muscles in the leg. As the name suggests, deadlift means lifting to your limits and challenging your limits with every passing set. To perform a perfect deadlift, stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly to lift the barbell loaded with a weight that challenges you. Make sure that your back is straight while you lift the barbell or else you can sustain injuries. Bend down to get a tight grip of the barbell and push your hips slightly backward. Leave your knees soft. Now pick up the barbell and stand up while keeping your back arched. Hold for a few seconds and put the barbell down. Perform 8-10 reps in a set and try to do 4-6 sets of this exercise.


4. Lunges: One of the most popular and useful exercises for legs workout, lunges help in improving balance and stability while increasing the strength in your legs. You can perform this with or without dumbbells depending on the level of difficulty and intensity. To perform lunges, stand straight with your feet placed hip-width apart. Now take a big step forward in such a way, that your heel makes the first contact with the ground. Lower the body with the help of the other leg in such a way that the thigh of the leg you are stepping forward remains parallel to the ground. Now move back to standing position with the help of the heel of the stepping leg. Perform the same exercise with the other leg. Do this exercise to the kill i.e power set, 3-4 sets a day for stronger legs.


5. Calf Raises: As the name suggests, this exercise hits the calf muscles in your legs. Stand on the edge of a stair or any other elevated platform with dumbbells in your hand or barbell on your shoulders. You should stand in such a way that the heels of your foot are hanging and not placed on the ground. Now raise your heels and transfer on the weight on your tiptoes. Hold the position as it will stretch your calves. Lower the heels back down. Repeat this process 12-15 times in a set and perform 4-5 sets of this exercise. You can also do this exercise with one leg while keeping the other leg hanging to make it even more difficult. This will help you in strengthening and shaping your calves.

Calf Raises