Being innocent is good but too innocent is not. As it is said excessive of anything is bad, so how can one exclude the term innocence. And you can witness yourself that if you are too polite to someone then he/she may take your behavior for granted. If you are too good for a person, then there is a scope that you can be fooled easily. So, try to become smart and limit your innocence.

Try to be selfish

Being selfish is not a bad thing unless you harm someone to make your work done. In fact, it is a healthy practice which makes you give your own time to yourself. If you are selfish, then obviously, you will work on your personality, on your target, will think about your happiness, your prosperity, your good life. And how can one say that thinking about the benefits is not a good idea. 

Try to learn something from clever people

People who are clever can be a good teacher. They can teach you how to perform activities that will help you in achieving your goals. Applying your brain for a wrong deed can be bad but if you are applying it for a good cause, then it won’t be called bad. Why clever people are assumed to be bad because while doing their task they don’t think much about if and buts and if you think it positively then it is a good idea. 

Making everyone happy is a silly attempt

Those people who are really nice are somewhere greedy to be called nicer. And in the hope of achieving their fantasy, they try their level best to woo everyone. Well, their attempt of making everyone happy is not a productive idea, as it requires much devotion and why to do that just to hear ‘Tussi great ho yaar’. Try to become great only if it is needed and don’t invest your time in thinking all about greatness. 

You are also important, believe it

Why don’t you love yourself? What’s the problem with it? If you will sincerely observe an innocent person then you find that these species give more importance to others. The innocent ones will never dare to hurt anybody, well, this is good. But bothering much about this is really not good. People who are innocent must think about themselves, that if they really work hard to make others happy then why to exclude themselves from the list. 

Make people realize your value

Only doing good for someone will not work. You will have to make sure that the person for whom you are doing all good things must acknowledge it, otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. No one can say that whatever he/she is doing for someone is just for charity and unconditional love as practically it sounds silly. Everyone expects something be it love, respect, regards, or any materialistic asset. 

Doing good and cursing oneself

Innocent people are fond of doing all good things for others and expect the same from others and if they get something unexpected then they start cursing themselves. All may not practice this but many do. They should do good, not to all but to those who deserve better things. And this smart act of doing good may help them achieve the regards they expect.

Observe people around you then act

Observe people in your friend circle, your office, your neighborhood, and others and analyze their behavior. Try to pick good ones whom you feel suits your nature. As doing this will make you earn good friends for yourself and there are chances that the people who you have selected may not cheat you, may not ruin your innocence. While analyzing be smart, try to choose the person who is really good, and avoid those who pretend to be good. As your weak analysis may get you a companion with some rotten tomatoes. 

Don’t let your innocence become your weakness

Some are too good that they can’t do bad even to their enemies. Well, this may sound sweet but it’s not actually. And this can be well understood by those who are really the owners of the ‘mahatma-type’ personalities. They suffer many difficulties and some are the gift of their good deeds. So, do good but to an extent. If you will cross the limit of goodness, then your next step can be a dangerous destiny.

Last but not the least, spread love, spread happiness but ‘Apna Bhi Khayal Rakkho, Tum Bhi Bahut Pyaare Ho Dost’