The working-class men and females all should respect a housewife, be it, mom, bhabhi, or mami. For survival money is needed, it can’t be denied and whosoever earns it is really kind and the financial supporter of a family, they can be a dad, a brother, a sister or a mother, but a person who takes care of your home does a job free of cost and that also with much honesty and sincerity and I am not talking about a housemaid but a housewife. And we will start with a housewife, who is not an office goer and spends her whole time in taking care of a family and a house. Let’s have a glance at the daily routine of a housewife. 

Prepare breakfast and says Tata to office goers

Let’s take an example of a joint family, that may include three to four housewives like Bhabhi Ji, Buaa Ji, Maa, and others. And approx 5 to 6 office goers and 3 to 4 school-going children as well. Now, what will the Bhabhis do, undoubtedly, they will prepare breakfast and pack lunch for office goers as well as children and after presenting a Tata to them, they will also think of having some stuff, isn’t it? 

Decoration of shelf and muttering songs

This can be a pleasant experience for Bhabhis as preparing shelf is a work that will be done and the muttering songs can be a method to provide relief to oneself and maybe a practice of giving tough competition to ‘jagraate wali aunty’. Some may also love singing.

Gazing streets from the balcony

In leisure time, this practice helps a Bhabhi in developing her observation skills and there are also chances that she can get something exclusive to discuss with other Bhabhis. As they love to do so. Well, I also love to sit on the balcony but I do something else. 

Bitching is good and major source of entertainment

How can one prevent themselves from doing bitchings as it is a healthy habit that gives much relaxation to our brain and is the best method of interaction. And here, I won’t specify Bhabhi or Mami as it is a common habit being practiced by almost all, be it working-class gentlemen or independent class women. In a positive sense, it can also be called ‘problem sharing discussion’. 

Knitting sweater in winters

This is a fantastic habit and I praise it a lot, as I love to wear those sweaters knitted by my mom. And, yes there is no trademark that only moms and ‘Naani Maa’ knit sweaters. Even sisters have been witnessed knitting sweaters. Yeah, you can say this is something outdated but not extinct.

Watching TV serials

Well, I think that Bhabhis try to find themselves in the serial, and relate their activities with the character played by the actors in a serial. And if surveyed then it will be revealed that housewives love watching television more than using social media. Well, I can’t claim that but there are chances that I may be true. 

Shopping and bargaining

Men are comparatively weaker than women if one talks about bargaining as they are even shown a huge pond of items to choose the assets which suit them unlike men who are said: ‘Bas yahi hai bhaiya dekh lo’. And this prohibits us from saying: ‘Theek Theek Lagao’. And I am not talking about premium brands.

Housewives are different from the office going, women

It may not be wrong to say that office going women are more privileged as they are financially independent. If her husband will present her something she can also buy a gift for him and this will obviously make her feel proud but a housewife will have to manage that money from her savings to present something to her husband. Well, there is nothing wrong with it, but I think this is something that hurts housewives and makes them different from the office going women. 

Housewives are more tolerant

An ambitious office going woman may not tolerate the scolding of a husband or mother-in-law but the same may not be witnessed in case of a housewife. An office going woman will also be kind to the family but they are not seen as caring as a housewife. Be it say the impact of watching movies or something else but there is something that makes one feel that housewives are more caring as they are the ones who prefer taking care of a family rather than money-making. I may be wrong but many have this opinion. 

I chose to write something on housewives after witnessing a Bhabhi spending long hours sitting on a chair and there are many more reasons behind this as one can see that spending time at home is not that much easy. Last but not the least, I hope my words may not hurt anybody and help us in understanding housewives.