Those who have visited Manali can obviously share their experience in the form of travel blog calling it ‘Manali diaries.’ What will that diary contain? Most probably the happenings such as where they stayed, how they planned to go there, which places they explore, or if anything unusual happened during their journey, isn’t it. But have you ever thought how Manali looks from the eyes who haven’t explored it? If not, then let’s experience this together.

Manali for peace lovers

Almost all of us want to give our time to ourselves, and stay at someplace for at least a few days, where we can listen to oneself instead of hearing horns, unnecessary arguments, useless bitchings. And the peace we are talking about can be achieved at the beautiful place Manali. And this can be a significant reason behind the huge tourists visiting the place every year. And why not, it is a lovely place.

Manali for snow lovers

Most of us visit Manali to have a glance of snowfall in the cool winter. Some people are fond of architecture and start exploring their skills with the snow by making different monuments, and frequent visitors must have witnessed these creative people. Well, I also like having fun with ice, but I am not talented at building a snow-made home for me. Yeah, I can enjoy that snowfall for hours as it gives a pleasant experience. 

Manali for couples

Obviously, it’s a fantastic place for couples as they are the species that best understand the value of peace and privacy. How can they ignore the ‘Khula Aasman and Hansi Waadiyaan.’ I think I am blushing and weeping as well because I am not that much lucky as of now to ask one to accompany me at the place we are talking about. Well, working on it, better luck to me for the next time. 

Why doctors suggest visiting hill stations

Well, the answer is simple: it is not needed to speak about pollution issues in metropolitan cities. And if one wants to breathe some fresh air, these hill stations can be a good option for them. And the importance of pure air is known to all. These places not only help us in releasing our tension, but we also carry some good experiences with ourselves that can bring a smile on our face even after leaving the destination. 

Manali gives us memories.

Well, it’s not only about Manali, we can gather memorable experiences in other places as well like Shimla and Ladakh. Who gives us memories? Places? No, it will not be true to credit places for the beautiful memories as our companion also plays a role in it. What will you remember years later, only snow and pure air? No, you will also remember your friends, their gossip. Dishes that you enjoyed with them and others. 

How to describe Manali without visiting

Well, this description can be a better one, as it will be based on imagination and somebody has said: ‘Imagination is power, and everyone cannot imagine. I also believe that somebody, as when you imagine something, you will just think of the good ones. Whom will you wish to take with you to a beautiful destination? The person you love the most isn’t it. What would you like to do there? Every beautiful thing which you have thought of many times, but haven’t done it in real. 

Before visiting, excitement is at the peak.

The planning of doing something gives you almost the same pleasure or even more than after the target is achieved. Let us understand this; whenever we plan to go somewhere, we only think good; nobody thinks that after reaching the destination, he/she will start fighting or cursing someone. But if by chance some unwanted thing happens, we get sad, why? Because we hadn’t expected it. And if at that moment, we compare what we had thought earlier to what happened, then we will find that our thought was better. But it doesn’t mean that one should not do what he/she thinks. 

Visitors and thinkers will vary.

It’s not about good or better, if it’s about the fact, then obviously the person who has visited the valley will describe it more factually. 

I wish my words may not hurt visitors but inspire thinkers.