Kerala’s tourist sites have different features, and Kovalam is one of the most unique features of the state. It is a small village located along the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, which has an abundance of visit-worthy sites. Since the village is located on the coastlines of the sea, its access to some serene beaches is very normal. But beaches are not the only places of attraction in the village. From a large lake to a picturesque castle, the small village has a lot to offer. The village has the blessing of Lord Padnabhswamy or Lord Vishnu as one of India’s richest temples is also located here. From an adventurous tour destination to a spiritual journey stop, Kovalam can be anything.


It is a laid back tourist spot with chill vibes and pleasant weather. Kovalam is both a spiritual center and a tourist spot which adds to its significance. While in Kovalam, you can learn a lot about the local culture and traditions of Kerala. Not to forget the mouth watering local dishes. 

Kovalam is just 20 km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The travel time from Thiruvananthapuram to Kovalam is merely 30 minutes. 

Kovalam has a lot of cheap stay options, including hostels where you can stay overnight for as little as Rs. 500. You can explore the entire village in 2 to 3 days.

Best Places To Visit in Kovalam

Vellayani Lake: 

vellayani lake

Located 9 km from the capital, Vellayani Lake is a large clear water lake located amidst thick vegetation. The lake has an ancient story behind it. It is believed that a saint created the lake with a few drops of water and a mantra to quench the thirst of a beggar. The cheapest way to reach the lake is via a tourist bus. You can spend some quality time amidst the peaceful environment near the lake or take a boat ride to capture the flawless beauty of the water body. It is one of the must visit places in Kovalam.

Samudra Beach: 

samudra beach

Being located on the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, Kovalam has access to a lot of beautiful beaches, and Samudra Beach is undoubtedly the best among them. A trip to Kovalam is incomplete without a visit to the Samudra Beach. Samudra Beach is not a hidden secret. The gorgeous beach is often flocked by a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world. It is simply a heaven for couples and solo travelers. You can enjoy the hypnotizing view of the sunset or take part in any of the different water sport activities.

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Valiyathura Pier: 

valiyathura pier

Few things look better when captured on camera than a pier. It has been there since as early as 1950, and what was once used for the purpose of cargo transportation and fishermen for installing catamarans has now evolved as a popular tourist spot. It is one of the places where you can sit at the end of the day, watching the sunset and enjoy some peaceful moments as the cold breeze brushes your face and takes away your worries. You can hire a rickshaw or a taxi to reach the 703 feet high Pier.

Lighthouse Beach: 

kovalam lighthouse beach

As the name suggests, the beach has a lighthouse next to it, and that’s how it gets the name. Kerala has a lot of lighthouses, and this one near the beach is one of the best. The spiral staircases take you to the top to get you a 360 degrees view of the beach and the entire region. After climbing down, you have access to a breathtaking rocky beach that begs to be explored. This is where you get the opportunity to explore the beautiful coastlines of Kerala and enjoy some tasty local seafood.

Halcyon Castle: 

halcyon beach

For all the History buffs, Halcyon castle is the place to visit. The castle was built in 1932, and it has been attracting tourists with its unique architecture since India’s independence. It has now been converted into a luxury hotel. The interiors of the castle are as exquisite as the exteriors, and it’s a treat to watch for people who can’t have enough of royal structures. 

Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple: 

A visit to Kovalam can’t be complete without offering prayers to Lord Vishnu at the magnificent Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which is an architectural marvel. The temple is more than a century old and is regarded as one of the richest temples in India. The way the temple has been built leaves the visitors in awe. The entire exterior of the temple has scriptures of Hindu deities carved over it. The temple also has an 80 feet high flag post which is entirely covered in gold.