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Himachal Pradesh is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty. The undulating paths of its enthralling valleys have long grabbed the hearts of many hikers and adventure seekers who travel here searching for some unrivaled panoramic vistas while also satisfying their adrenaline needs. The ‘Sach Pass‘ or ‘Sar Pass’ trip, which takes you through landscapes bursting with gurgling rivers, green woods, glittering streams, tiny small hamlets, and stunning fruit orchards, is one of the most magnificent treks in Himachal.

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Sach Pass is located near Sach town, about 15 kilometers from Killar in the Chamba District. This Pass, located at about 14500 feet, connects the great Pangi tribal valley with the district headquarters in Chamba. It is an outstanding walking path that goes to the Pangi Region, the most isolated and captivating valley. It has beautiful scenery and rocky terrain. It also has a variety of hiking alternatives for those who enjoy the outdoors.

The Sach Pass walk is one of Himachal’s oldest paths, used by peasants to travel from Chamba to snow-bound Pangi Valley and vice versa. It has kept its mystical appeal even now.

The only thing keeping you motivated throughout the dangerous way to the Pass is a surreal view of the magnificent clouds, snow-capped peaks of the Pir-Panjal ranges, precariously hanging glaciers, and an inner passion for reaching the summit.

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When you finally arrive at your destination perched at the height of 4400 meters above sea level, after braving the slippery slopes, making your way through tricky terrains and hideous turns with your teeth clattering in the numb chilling cold, that proud feeling of being on top of the world is beyond words. The traditional Sach Pass trek begins at Traila in Chamba Valley. It travels to Satrundi via the little town of Bhanodi before continuing on to Sach Pass via forest trails and snow-covered tracks.

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The Sach Pass walking path takes you through deep forests, snow-capped peaks, and lush green plantations. So, explorers and adrenaline seekers, come experience the difficult Sach pass in Dalhousie.

About Sach Pass Trek

At an elevation of 4,500 meters, Sach Pass serves as a bridge between Pangi Valley and Chamba. It is part of one of Himachal Pradesh’s historic trading routes. Pangi valley is perhaps Himachal Pradesh’s most isolated location, and as a result, nature has retained its virginity. With the building of a motorable road, access to Sach Pass has recently been simpler. But who is going to stop the tourists who want to explore nature on foot?

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The Sach Pass Trek, one of Himachal Pradesh’s alpine climbs, has maintained its appeal among hikers. It’s an amazing journey that takes you through perilous twists and difficult paths and nourishes you with an uncharted environment surrounded by snow-clad mountains that form a silver horizon parallel to the pristine blue sky.

The voyage is also weighted down by the traditional colors of the isolated towns nestled in the highlands. The Sach Pass walking path takes you through lush green landscapes, treacherous glaciated trails, orchards, whispering streams, dense forests, old temples, and other sights. Trekking here is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences.

The Sach Pass Trek begins at Chamba at 1,900 meters, approximately 270 kilometers from Dharamsala. The trek from Chamba continues up to Tarila at 2,500 meters. It is around 145 kilometers long and takes 4 to 5 hours to travel.

The real trip begins from Traila and goes to Satrundi at 2,900 meters through Bhanodi, a tiny village nestled in the midst of a dense forest. As a result, the trail continues with moderate ascents and descents until it reaches Sach Pass. The magnificent view of the far-flung snow-clad mountains and numerous summits may be captured from the mountain pass. The trek then continues into the glaciated paths in the direction of Bindrabani. The path descends from Bindrabani to Killar at 2,400 meters. To get to Killar, one must cross the Chenab River’s tight valley.


The route continues down to Purthi at 2,200 meters, where you may relax in one of the ancient rest stops. After passing a rope bridge, the route continues to Raoli at 2,000 meters and then wheels to 2,050 meters.

Being one of the alpine treks in the Indian Himalayan belt, the Sach Pass Trek necessitates extensive acclimatization and fitness. It is thus only advised for experienced trekkers with prior experience of high-altitude hiking. The Indian summer season is the optimum time to hit the racetrack.

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Highlights of the Sach Pass Trekking Tour

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  • Trek up to the peak, which sits at 14,500 feet, higher than the famous Rohtang Pass.
  • Get the chance to camp among tranquil alpine beauty beneath a star-lit sky.
  • Witness stunning natural vistas brimming with tremendous scenic splendor.
  • Explore several tiny and lovely high-altitude temples located in isolated communities.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Sach Pass Trek?

The Pass is accessible from June-July to mid-October, although September is the ideal month to visit. Although there is a good probability of seeing snow in June, the roads may be in disrepair. July-August is the season of severe monsoon in the region, with high chances of landslides and cloud bursts, so start your trek in September and finish before October, when temperatures dip below zero, and not a single sign of human presence can be seen.