Death Valley is a desert valley in the northern Mojave Desert in Eastern California. Death valley is among the hottest places on the planet. Known for its extreme climate conditions, Death Valley National Park is the hottest, driest and lowest national park. Known for its mesmerising landscapes, towering peaks and lush green meadows, the Death Valley is a place of extremes. The vast and endless desert plains look mesmerising from a distance.

Home to one of the most challenging landscapes on the planet, the Death Valley National Park was established on October 24, 1994. The Death Valley National Park is in both Nevada and California. With nearly 1000 miles of roads that take visitors to remote locations, Death Valley is one of the largest national parks in United States. The Death Valley national park is famous for colourful rocks, a ghost town, Titus Canyon and the magnificent salt flats of Badwater Basin.

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The park may look completely dry from the outside, but there’s a lot more to it than the vast desert that may appear to be endless. The Death Valley actually has over 1,000 plant species. These species include creosote, junipers and pines. While Death Valley doesn’t need any introduction, there are a lot of amazing facts about the national park that you need to know.

Heat Is Unbeatable:

Death Valley witnesses scorching heat during the summers. The heat is just unbeatable. The average temperature recorded during the summer of 2018 was 108.1 degrees F. During the daytime, the temperature may easily soar up to 127 degrees F. During the summers, visitors are advised to restrict their stay to well-travelled areas. This is because it is very common to have vehicle breakdowns in the Death Valley and the last thing you would want is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere while exploring the Death Valley in summer.

Death Valley
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It is the lowest point in North America:

The Death Valley is home to Badwater Basin, which is 282 feet below the sea level, the lowest point in North America. The basin is covered with a dense and thick sheet of salt which visitors often confuse for snow. The scenic landscape at the basin is magnificent. Heavy storms lead to the formation of temporary lakes at the Badwater Basin. It is one of the most photographed spots in the Death Valley. Nature photographers from all across the world visit the basin to click some really magnificent pictures.

The Melody of Sands:

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The description of Death Valley can’t be complete without mentioning the picturesque sand dunes that form a significant portion of the park’s landscape. Enjoying sand boarding when it is allowed is one of the best activities you can indulge in while exploring the valley. The view from the top of the dunes is something that you are gonna remember for a lifetime. One of the strangest phenomena that you can witness while exploring the sand dunes is the ‘singing sand. It is a sound that is produced when the sand slides down the steep faces of high dunes. It sounds like the sound of a plane approaching from a distance.

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Enjoying Your Star Wars Moment:

star wars in death valley
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When in the Death Valley, you can’t afford to miss the Artists Drive. It is the closest you can get to living your Star Wars moment. Artists Drive is an area that will leave you amazed. It comprises multicolored, eroded hills. While exploring the Artists Drive, you can easily spot locations shown in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. The Artist’s Drive features in several other Hollywood movies as well. The mountains here are covered in shades of green that are created because of the oxidation of natural metal deposits. A visit to the Death Valley is incomplete without visiting Artists Drive.

Death Valley has Fish:

It is not every day that you find fish in the desert. But you can find them in the Death Valley. There are not one but six species of fishes in the salty waters of the valley. These species include Devils Hole Pupfish. The fish is called so because it only resides in the 93 degree waters of Devils Hole. Devils Hole Pupfish survives in water temperatures and oxygen concentrations that can be lethal for almost all other species. The Devils Hole Pupfish is merely an inch in length and it is one of the rarest fish species in the world.

Death Valley Is Home To Roadrunner:

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The Death Valley is a globally famous bird nearly 2 feet. One of the most common wildlife species in the valley, Roadrunner is known for its long legs. The bird can easily survive in the extreme heat of the valley. There are nearly hundred species of birds in the valley and roadrunner is among the rarest of them.