The Faroe Islands in Denmark, also known as sheep island, are a beautiful and astonishing archipelago of 18 islands. These spectacular islands have got it’s shaped by volcanic activities and glaciers of the ice age. Out of these 18 islands, 17 islands possess habitation and are well-connected with paved roads, bridges, tunnels, and ferry lines. Name Faroe translates to “Sheep Islands”. These spectacular islands bobble in the frothing North Atlantic region.

Picturesque Faroe Islands resemble a patchwork of emerald with its lush green pastures. These islands are dotted with sheep, tree-free moors, and gaily hued cottages. This island is deep-rooted with its traditions. The coasts of these islands boast deep fjords, looming headlands, and steep cliffs. This puffin spot is worth visiting and is capable enough to serve you the best and can give you a full bucket of memories for a lifetime.

faroe islands
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The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands, as stated above, and they are in the Atlantic Ocean. If looked on the map of the world, these islands can be found in the middle, between Scotland, Norway, and Iceland. These islands are a paradise for travelers, nature lovers, and adventure junkies.


faroe islands
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The Faroe Islands are not that far as you think, even they are closer. The easiest and simplest way to get to Faroe Islands is by plane. There is the availability of direct flights to Copenhagen in Denmark. But if you have ample time and want to enjoy the entire journey and want to keep the excitement alive of seeing the island after some days, then you can go for how is adopted by great discoverers and i.e. via sea.

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Here, you can prefer a boat that travels between Denmark and Iceland with a short stoppage at Faroe Islands. You can also reach the islands by passenger and car ferry. Yes! keep in mind, if you are opting for the way of the boat to reach these islands, make sure you make the booking in advance.


Visiting Faroe Islands and not exploring its must-visit places is not done. So, here is the list of some must-visit places in the Faroe Islands that will make your trip even more fun, interesting, memorable, and thrilling.


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How can Faroe Islands be explored well without visiting Gasadalur? It is one of the most photographed sights on these islands, and that too, for a good reason. It is easily accessible to visitors as it is located close to the airport. The site offers spectacular and mesmerizing scenery. A sparkling and massive waterfall is created here, by mountain runoff that leads to the town of Gasadalur. When you will come out of the Gasadalur tunnel, you will wind downhill till you witness the pull-offs on the street. Now, park here and then walk down to the grass pathway towards the ocean views and you will be surely amazed.


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There is an easy ferry ride available for this small village in the Faroe Islands. Here you will be greeted by some colorful buildings, sweet cafes, gift shops, and some hiking trails. These hiking trails make this village a more interesting and fun sort of place. If you are a bird lover, then spend a night here as at night here some incredible bird action happens. The village of Nolsoy is home to the largest Stormy Petrel colony in the North Atlantic, and to sense the experience of hearing or seeing them is literally one of a kind.


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This amazing place on Faror island is named after the stunning sea bird Suka. This place is home to thousands of Suka in summers. Also, here you can witness nesting puffins too. Here you can enjoy some amazing sights and scenes with so many interesting activities and can spend an entire day there. However, there is no accommodation available in Skuvoy so you can stay at Sondoy, nearby.


How can one miss this largest town of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands? This town has plenty of things to offer to its visitors. Here you can try the Paname café as they offer delicious eateries, coffee, and pastries. And in Torshavn head up to harbor to walk around the Tinganes. Here you can witness the parliament buildings for commercial and political discussions. Stroll through the narrow, cobblestone passageways and grass-hewn edge dating back to the 9th century. In the town, you can witness some art museums, cafes, restaurants, gift shops and so on.


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Saksun, in the Faroe Islands, is one of the most visited places. The grass-roofed houses make this place iconic. And to drive alone to Saksun, enjoying the pleasures of scenes and sights with the company of nature, is a glorious experience. Such beautiful surroundings with cascading glacier streams are a sight to behold. Here you can easily spot Oystercatchers, especially during the summers.


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Kalsoy is another amazing place to witness in the Faroe Islands. However, this place is known for two things. First is it is an Important Bird area as about ten thousand birds nest on its cliff during summers. Next is its dramatic landscape and local legends that make this place a worth visiting a place on the island.


So, in a nutshell, there is a lot to explore in the Faroe Islands, so what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to these amazing wonders of nature and have some great time and create some amazing memories.