Kerala is the southernmost state of India that is popular among tourists for its backwaters, palm-lined beaches, green cover, canals, mountains, and gorgeous villages. The state is also known as God’s Own Country due to its unmatchable natural beauty and hundreds of essential pilgrimage destinations. The state is gifted with scenic landscapes, clean water bodies, rich biodiversity, rich culture, and tens of forests and animal sanctuaries. It is also very famous for houseboat rides in the backwaters. The state welcomes thousands of national and international tourists every year who arrive in the state to get a glimpse of the heavenly beauty that God’s own land possesses.  

Cities like Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin add to the state’s diversity. Still, it is the laid-back destinations and remote villages in the state that hold the authentic charm. Unlike any other Indian state, villages in Kerala are a major tourist attraction thanks to the endless natural beauty, dense green covers, majestic mountains, tea plantation farms, and crystal clear water bodies. The state has hundreds of such hidden gems. Guarded by towering coconut plants and decorated with lush green paddy fields, Kerala’s villages are a dream destination for photography lovers. If you plan to visit Kerala in the coming days, you have landed on the right page. We’ve brought you a list of 8 such villages that you can’t miss during your Kerala trip.

Attappady Village: 

Different tribes are living in other parts of India, and Kerala is no different. Attappady village includes a reserve forest covering 249 km sq that provides for several water bodies. The village is the home to the largest tribal settlement in the state. The village is known for its rich culture and tradition. You can see people coexisting with nature without hammering the ecological violence. You can find several trekking and hiking sites in the village that make it a perfect destination for adventure lovers. 

Pandy Island: 

Pandy Island Kerala

Who doesn’t like going to a remote yet beautiful island for a holiday? Located in Alleppey, the coral island is located in the middle of the Achancoil and Pamba rivers. Located nearly 32 km from Alleppey, this intriguing strip of land is a part of the temple city of Haripad. The temple is known for its unique festivals and several scenic landscapes. Payippad race is one of the most popular activities that happen in the state. You may get to listen to the traditional songs while visiting the village.

Nilambur Village: 

Nilambur Village

Located in the Malappuram district, Nilambur village is a taluk near the Nilgiris range of the Western Ghats. It is one of the ideal places to visit in the state during a seasonal trip. The famous Teak village in the museum is the highlight of the village. The untouched natural beauty of this place will excite you to the core. Living in a traditional wooden hut while gazing at the distant mountain peaks and water bodies is a unique experience that you get here.

Thirunelli Village: 

uncharted kerala

The village sits comfortably along the heavenly western ghats and falls in the Wayanad district. It contributes significantly to the region’s economy and is known for its rubber tree plantations, coffee plantations, and tea gardens. If you want to know Kerala and its people in detail, Thirunelli is the place to visit. It is also known for the Thirunelli temple that is guarded by two dense forests that are connected to two ancient villages. The stone pipeline at Thirunelli is one of the most clicked spots in the village.


Kuttanad, backwaters kerala

Kuttanad is the place to fall in love with the backwaters and the scenic beauty of Kerala. The village is also known as the Rice bowl of Kerala. The gorgeous village spread along 75 km is known for its paddy fields and breathtakingly beautiful backwaters. The glorious Vembanad backwaters in the village will steal your heart.

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Karumadi is a small village located near Ambalapuzha. Karumady Kuttan is the most popular sport in the village. It is the 11th-century black granite statue of Lord Buddha. This is why the village is a prime pilgrimage destination for people from the Buddhist community. It is located just 14 km from Alappuzha. The Dalai Lama visited the village in 1965. Not to forget, the village, just like any other Kerala village, has numerous sightseeing spots.

Pathiramanal Island: 

Pathiramanal Island

We have another island on the list. The small yet serene island is located in the Muhamma panchayat of Alappuzha. The island is established in the Vembanad Lake, and the only way to reach the island is through a boat. You can locate several species of migratory birds that come here from other parts of the world. Pathiramanal means ‘midnight sand.’ 

Triphala Village: 

Triphala Village

Triphala village is located in Pattambi Taluk of Palakkad district. The town lies on the bank of Bharathapuzha. It is mainly visited by tourists due to its breathtaking view of the paddy fields and the coconut trees dotting the water bodies. The place is also famous for the traditional Ayurvedic treatment that has been in practice for centuries. The majestic Shiva temple built between the 9th century and the 10th century is another prime attraction. 

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