It’s hard not to fell in love with the idea of getting a pet dog for yourself to fill the void in your lives and get a perfect friend that never complains. It’s good to have a love for animals and make them a part of your lives, but when you bring a dog home, you have to get used to their habits and actions as much as them. Getting a dog is not difficult but making them adapt to the living conditions you live in is a task in itself. From training them to not do excretory tasks inside the home to training them to not bite or bark at the guests, there’s a long list of things you need to take care of before you can start living with your four-legged fluffy friend. 

Every species is different from the other. When two different types of beings start living together, they need some time to get used to each other’s presence. However, the time ranges from a few minutes to a few hours and a few days in rare cases when it comes to dogs. A dog is always obedient and honest to its master, but you need to treat your pet dog like a parent to make it comfortable and train it to behave as you want. From physical activities to littering and barking, there are several things you need to take care of while training your dog.

Also, it is easier to train a pup as you’ll be with it from the beginning. As mentioned, every species is different, and so is every dog breed. Some are very human-friendly, while some take their time.

If you are considering getting a dog home, we’ve got a list of dogs that are the easiest to train.

Golden Retriever: 

Golden retriever

The furry and gentle beings with puppy eyes are among the most popular and top family dog breeds in the world. The dogs are lovable, loyal, and always obey their masters. You can train them like a young kid, and they’ll follow you wherever you go until you don’t want them to. They get attached to the family they live with very soon and act as members of the family while filling their lives with joy.

Labrador Retriever: 

Dog breeds easy to train

You remove the fur from a Golden Retriever’s body, and you get a labrador retriever. Just like their elder species, the labrador retrievers are very gentle and hardly get violent. Apart from being great family dogs, labradors are also great service dogs. The labradors are very intelligent and adapt to new conditions very easily. It is one of the most common and popular pet dog breeds in different parts of the world.

Border Collie: 

Easy to train dogs

Border Collie is a pet dog species that is working and a herding species. The breed originated in the Anglo-Scottish border region. The Border Collie dogs are very friendly, full of energy, athletic, and obedient. These dogs are very hardworking and are mainly bred for herding. While the dogs are very strong, they also make great family dogs and gel very well with humans. However, leaving them alone for a very long time might not be a good idea as it might leave them bored.


Poodle, french dog

The poodle is a playful dog species that comes in three forms. The three different forms of the species are Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. They’re one of the smartest dog species on the planet. These dogs are not just smart but graceful and playful. They easily make friends with humans, and you will find little or no difficulty introducing them to your friends or guests.

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Shetland Sheepdog: 

Shetland Sheepdog

Also known as shelties, Shetland Sheepdog is one of the most obedient dog species on the planet and is often seen in competitive sports. Since they are associated with competitive sports, training them for physical activities is very easy. They also make great friends with kids and will love to accompany your little ones to the playfield where they will play with them and guard them as well.

Doberman Pinscher: 

the loyal dog, dog named duke

While Doberman Pinscher dogs appear to be strongly built, this doesn’t mean that they can’t become a part of your family or are hard to train. Doberman is obedient family members as well as alert guards who can guard your house round the clock. They are strong, agile, quick, and athletic. They are used as guard dogs by the armed forces as well. These dogs often accompany troops on high-risk missions.



Rottweiler is similar to Doberman in terms of agility, strength, and obedience. They are very easy to train. You can take them to the field and train them to jump fences or dodge the obstacles to help them transform into vigilant guard dogs. While they look a little aggressive at first glance, they are super friendly with their masters and are very loyal to their families.

English Springer Spaniel: 

Easy dog breeds

Springer Spaniel was once used for hunting and competitive games. However, the days of hunting are gone, and these dogs’ role has now been limited to playing with their master or training for physical activities. These dogs are very hardworking and often help their masters with the daily chores. These dogs are very affectionate and lively. The dogs are very playful and gel very well with humans.

Australian Cattle Dog: 

Cattle Dog

If you are in search of a very active dog who shows no tantrums and is always on the toes to go out with you for jumping and playing, get an Australian Cattle Dog without any second thoughts. The more they run and take part in physical activities, the happier they are, and they thank you by showing their love towards you. They are loyal, brave, and strong and will fight any force to protect you.

German Shepherd: 

German Shepard

German Shepherd, one of the most energetic dogs globally, and that is the reason behind their global popularity. They are super active and can grow into strong beasts who can protect you against any force till they continue to breathe. However, they are super friendly at home and very disciplined at the same time. However, they are super possessive when it comes to their owner, and the only god can help the person or animal who tries to harm their master.