One of the most captivating destinations is waiting for you to explore in Himachal. The amazing hill station is snuggled against the scenic Shivalik mountains. The hill station is a pure delight for the visitors. The town of Nahan, with its grandeur gardens and spiritual temples, forms the backdrop of the lofty mountains. The mountain was found in the year 1621 and is known for its picturesque surroundings and mesmerizing views of the Himalayan mountains.

Moreover, Nahan once served as the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Sirmaur under the British. The best part of this picturesque and quaint destination is that it serves as one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi and can offer you countless memories. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the destination is quite a pleasure. Let’s know more about this hill station…

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There are some possible ways available to reach this picturesque hill station. These ways include-

  • By Air- Chandigarh airport is the nearest airport to Nahan Hill Station, located about 50 kilometers away from Nahan. Also, you can take a flight to Dehradun which is just about 79 kilometers away from the destination. These two options can be availed if you want to reach the hill station by air.
  • By Train- The nearest railway station to the Nahan Hill station is Barog in Himachal Pradesh that is just 42 kilometers away from the Nahan hills. Also, you can get down at Solan in Himachal Pradesh that is just 43 kilometers away from the hill station.
  • By Road- Nahan Hill Station is well connected to all major cities of Himachal Pradesh. Also, regular private and state transport buses are easily available for the destination. However, you can prefer your vehicle too, to reach the destination.

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Renuka Lake-

renuka lake, nahan
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If you are so into nature then Renuka lake is one of the best places to find solace. The lake is located just 38 kilometers away from Nahan. Just like the other lakes, this lake is not only famous for its pristine beauty and surroundings but it is majorly known for its rich significant cultural history. Moreover, this lake is the largest in the whole state of Himachal Pradesh as per the area as it covers a circumference of about 3214 meters. The best part of the lake is that it is shaped in the form of a reclining woman and hence it is believed to be the personification of Goddess Renuka. Do visit the lake while being in Nahan hill station.

Jaitak Fort-

jaitak fort, nahan
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Another amazing sight to behold in Nahan is the Jaitak Fort. The fort was built by Gurkha leader Ranjor Singh Thapa in the year 1810. As the fort is situated on the top of Jaitak hills, hence it is known as Jaitak fort. The fort was constructed using the material recovered from the Nahan fort after the fort was destroyed and ransacked. The fort is located about 25 kilometers from Nahan and is a must-visit in Nahan as it speaks a lot about the history of the destination.

Churdhar Peak-

churdhar, churdhar trek, churdhar peak
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A perfect treat for the trekking and rock-climbing buffs is Churdhar Peak located at the height of 360 meters above sea level. The trek is about 50 kilometers and is covered with verdant fields and forests. The peak can be reached from Sangrah, Sunday, Bhawai, Gandhi, and Nauhra. It is of great fun and thrill to follow this trek. Moreover, this trek will offer you the best of nature along with a great experience of trekking.

Simbalwada Wildlife Sanctuary-

Simbalwada Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several migratory birds and wild animals. The sanctuary has sal forests and lush green grassland with the curving streams in the natural part of the Shivaliks. Chittal, Sambhar, Goral red jungle fowl, Partridges barking deer and wild boar are some of the commonly visible animals and birds that are found here.

Jagannath Temple-

One of the major attractions in the town of Nahan is Jagannath. Here you can offer your prayers. The temple was built in the year in 1681 by Raja Budh Prakash. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Neel Madam and the architecture of this temple is constructed on the same pattern as the original Puri temple.

Rajbans or Sirmouri Tal-

sirmouri tal
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One of the most interesting places in Nahan is Sirmouri Tal or Rajbans. The place has a significantly enriched history. They are the ruins of the ancient city that is said to be loaded with so many curses and intriguing haunting tales of betrayal, craftiness, and treachery that are attached to it. It is one of the amazing sites to pay a visit. Here, you can get a mystical experience.