The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Overlooking the Meditteranean Sea to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the West, it is a small country that shares its borders with Algeria to the East and Western Sahara to the South. Spread across an area of 710,850 sq km, the country is home to over 37 million people. Predominantly an Islamic country, Morocco has a mix of Berber, Arab and European cultures. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, whereas Casablanca is the largest city. 

The country was founded by Idris I in 788 AD, and it has been ruled by several independent dynasties. European Powers always had their eyes on Morocco due to its strategic location. Before it, the Portuguese also tried to establish their control of this part of the world. It then witnessed the dominance of France and Spain before it could claim freedom and sovereignty. 

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Modern-day Morocco is a unitary semi-constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. It is a very important country for both- Africa as well as the Arab world. Morocco is also a part of the Arab League, the Union for the Mediterranean, and the African Union. The King has control over a large share of governance, including some key areas like defense, foreign policy, and religious affairs. The King also has the power to dissolve the parliament after consulting with the Prime Minister and the constitutional court president. 

Morocco has been attracting tourists from different parts of the world, including India. Before you plan your journey to Morocco, there is some useful information that we think you should know.

The currency of Morocco is Moroccan Dirham or MAD. 1 INR = 0.12 Moroccan Dirham. The circulation of MAD is controlled by Morocco’s Central Bank. You can get the best exchange rates when you convert dollars or euros into MAD.

Indian travelers require a visa for traveling to Morocco. You can apply for a visa at the Morocco embassy or consulate. You can get up to 90 days of tourist visa. 

There are some prerequisites for Indians traveling to Morocco. One must have a bank balance of Rs. 2.5 lakh or more in their savings account for traveling to Morocco. 

However, Indian nationals having a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa can enter, transit, and stay in the territory of Gibraltar without applying for an additional visa. 

You can fly to Morocco from Delhi, Mumbai, or Bengaluru international airports. The minimum round trip fare from India to Morocco could be anywhere around Rs. 40,000, and the cheapest month to fly to Morocco in February. 

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Morocco is a member of the United Nations, African Union, Arab League, Arab Maghreb Union, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Non-aligned Movement, and the Community of Sahel Saharan states. France and Spain are key trade partners of Morocco. It also has strong relationships with Western powers. The European Union is the biggest foreign investor in Morocco, followed by the Arab world. US has given Morocco the status of a major non-NATO ally since it was the first country in the world to recognize the sovereignty of the US. It is also a part of the European Union’s European Neighbourhood Policy.

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There are several places worth visiting in Morocco. We’ve included some of these places in the article. 

Oudaias Kasbah: 

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One of the most picturesque places in the country, Oudaias Kasbah, is a beautiful town with houses painted in a mix of white and indigo being one of the unique identities. Far away from the city, the old fortress holds a lot of charm and attracts tourists worldwide. The Kasbah entrances are decorated with colorful flower pots, giving it a very vibrant look. This is not a place for luxury tourists, and hence you can easily beat the crowd and enjoy some moments of peace here.



Chefchaouen is a strange yet scenic settlement in the gorgeous Rif mountains, like a hidden treasure for photography lovers. It is a very laid-back destination with little to explore. However, you can take the experience of staying in colorful homestays that are a mix of Arabic and Turkish architecture. You can also take some breathtaking drone shots to get an aerial view of the place. There are also some great hiking and trekking routes nearby.



Essaouira is a seaside town that is a perfect destination for a quiet holiday. The roofs of colorful homes inside the fort’s walls give you a soothing view of the colorful fishing boats on the shore. It is also one of the best places to enjoy local Moroccan delicacies. You can walk around the beach or try your hands at surfing. If that’s not enough, you can explore the nearby villages.