The southern states are famous for their exotic spices that can tickle the taste buds of many, and so is Kerala God’s Own Country. Kerala attracts so many tourists not only because of its culture and heritage but also because of its delicacies. Spices such as curry leaves, asafoetida, tamarind, and mustard seeds give the aroma. It adds a special flavor to the food. In Kerala’s food, the blend of Malabari Arabic, Brit, and French. From the various kinds of seafood to Appam, there are endless options for the cuisines of Kerala.

The pleasure of the cuisines can only be felt completely when tasted from authentic restaurants or outlets. The aroma and the perfect blend of spices and flavors can be felt outside the restaurants or outlets. Most importantly for the foodies, it is very important to get the perfect flavors of cuisines.



the rice boat

The Rice Boat is one of the famous restaurants known for its delectable kinds of seafood. The restaurant’s name has been derived from the traditional one-liner cruise that floats in the backwater of Kerala. With the tasty delicacies, the restaurants offer their customers the perfect experience of floating one-liner boats. The most amazing part of the restaurant is that it allows its customers to visit the kitchen and direct the chefs to prepare the food accordingly. 

The Rice Boat is located at Taj Malabar Resort and Spa, Cochin. The place is perfect for retreating and elating the senses of a foodie. The Rice Boat is famous for the Red Snappers Kerala Fish Curry, Lobsters, and Appam.


sky grills

It is heaven for foodies and the perfect destination to spend time with your loved ones. The restaurant offers the facility of candlelight dinners and the perfect evening for couples. It is a rooftop restaurant that offers aesthetic sites and views with super delicious foods. The restaurants even let you give your suggestion to the chefs for the preparation of your dishes. Also, the chef himself comes to check on the dishes if they are up to the mark or not.


fort house restaurant

Fort House Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Kerala. With the tasty food, the restaurant offers the perfect view of the sea. The restaurant is best known for its seafood and hospitality. The dishes offered here are the perfect platter for dinner. The most special dishes of Fort House are Pepper Garlic Calamari, Prawn Kerala Fry, and Fish Kerala Curry with Parathas. These special dishes deserve a try at least once in Kerala. 



Paragon deserves a try for sure if you are in Kerala. The taste of Malabar gravies and fries are the best offerings here. The restaurant is located at the Lulu mall, Ideally, Kochi. If you are a lover of non-vegetarian, then this restaurant in Kerala is surely heaven for you. From the ambiance to the food and services, everything is up to the notch. The restaurant dates back to 1939 and since then is offering its best services and delicacies to the customers. 

Paragon has also won so many awards, including Times Now Foodie. It has ranked among the best restaurants in Dubai by the Time Out award and Ahian Masala Award. Keep in mind that getting a table in Paragon is quite a tedious task as the queue of foodies is so long.

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dhe puttu

Puttu is essentially a breakfast recipe very popular in south Indian states, especially in Kerala. Puttu is prepared with the grounded rice steam cooked into the shape of the cylinder and layered with dry coconut from the outside and has a sweet-savory filling inside. Puttu tastes best when served with hot dal, curries, mutton, chicken, or fish. Dhe Puttu serves around 30 different priorities of puttu, both for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. The timing to visit Dhe Puttu is 12:00 to 02:00 p.m.


trilogi restaurant

Trilogi restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Kerala and is a part of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kochi. The hotel is in the chain of international luxury hotels of the world. Trilogi gives the essence of three princely states, Malabar, Travancore, and Kochi, under one roof. The restaurant is best known for its Prawn and Soup delicacies. The restaurant is surely a heaven for the foodies as it offers the best tastes and flavors. 


ginger house

Ginger House is a restaurant cum museum cum hotel, only 3 minutes away from Mattancherry. This restaurant offers the best delicacies with antique, unique, and elegant colonial-style furnishing. The restaurant is famous for its ginger-lime soda, fish moly, tea, ginger ice cream, and Prawns. Even you can pick some precious souvenirs from the restaurant’s museum that are put on sale. 


bait kerala

This restaurant is a heaven for foodies as well as nature lovers. It is located on the beach with the arrangement of outdoor sittings. The restaurant’s ambiance is super amazing in that it offers a pleasant dinner in nature’s lap. If you visit Bait once, you will not be able to resist it. The place is located at the Vattapara road, Vivanta by Taj Green Cove, Kovalam, Kochi.


the tides

Tides give you the exotic flavors of delicacies with a breezy atmosphere. With the taste of fresh kinds of seafood with the spectacular sea view from the restaurant. In this restaurant, you can enjoy Pan-Asian Foods with the colorful lights of the candles. The vibes of the restaurant will compel you to stay in the restaurant for hours. This is a must-visit when you are in Kerala and a foodie.