Every one of us at some point in our life, after following the continuous same schedule, gets fed up or bored and then we start looking for some offbeat location to spend some time in solace. And to solve this problem for you, we have come up with an amazing offbeat destination in Darjeeling, and this destination is Tinchuley.

The destination is located at an elevation of 5550 feet and the name of this place has been derived from the words ‘tin’ and ‘Chula, which translates to ‘three ovens’. The destination has been named so because of the trio of hills constituting the hill station resembling the mud ovens. The destination is famous for its tea plantations and its fresh fruit orchards like Darjeeling.

Tinchuley, darjeeling
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The destination is known for its serenity and quietness. The atmosphere of the place gives the true sense of peace pervading all over the place. Here one can go for so many activities such as trekking, sightseeing, rock climbing and so on. The destination appears to be like a romantic film set. It is a kind of dream destination and is gradually gaining popularity as an ideal tourist destination. Tinchuley is a perfect place for people who are looking for something spiritual out of their travel. Let’s explore this destination with this blog!


The best time to visit Tinchuley is during summers, as during summers the temperature remains within a pleasant range of 10 to 20 degrees Celcius. To be particular, the best months to visit in summer are April and the beginning of May. In winters the elevation of temperature is so hidden, capping off at a chilly 9 degrees Celcius or even less than that. The rainy season in Tinchuley receives heavy rainfall. If you are a monsoon person, then you should visit in between July and September.

gumbadara,Tinchuley, darjeeling
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To reach Tinchuley there are some easy ways available-

  • Via Air- To reach the destination via air, the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport, at a distance of 77 kilometers in Darjeeling. From the airport, you can hire a cab or taxi to reach your desired destination.
  • Via Road- There are so many ways to reach Tinchuley via the road that depend upon the fact that from where one is traveling from. If you are traveling to the destination from Siliguri or any other places in the west, then you can take the road via Teesta Bazaar. Or if you are traveling from Darjeeling, the Peshoke road route will go for you. And via road, you can travel the destination easily with your own vehicle or taxi.

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Tinchuley, darjeeling
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Tinchuley or Sunrise View Point- Sunrise View Point, is a sight to behold. Here you can indulge yourself in some amazing photography and can also witness the beauty of nature at its best that can only be witnessed in the paintings. From here, you can get a glimpse of the peaks of the Eastern Himalayas that comprise Teesta Valley. The place serves as the perfect morning and evening views. The viewpoint is something that you would not want to miss at any cost. So, do visit it with your friends and family or even alone too.

Gumbadara- Another amazing place to pay a visit to in Tinchuley is Gumbadara. Begin from the Peshoke Road and go for the strolling through gorgeous pine forests and ferns. After the strolling, you can reach this Gumbadara, the breathtaking place. It is the vantage point in Tinchuley. Here at this place, you can witness the ancient Himalayan caves, surrounded by rocks, where you can go for some rock climbing. The panoramic views of the place are so satisfying and pleasing.

Tea Gardens- How can you miss the tea gardens while being in Tinchuley of Darjeeling? The tea gardens are ideal to visit in Tinchuley. There are six tea gardens in the village neatly situated next to each other. It is a marvelous experience to visit these tea gardens. Among the most popular plantations that tourists visit frequently is the Peshoke tea garden. Here you can witness the whole procedure of the production of authentic tea from its very beginning to the harvesting.

orange orchard in Tinchuley, darjeeling
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Orange Orchards- Another thing that should not be missed in Tinchuley is its Orange orchards. The economy of the village is based on its orange orchards, as they are cultivated in the village on a large scale. These orchards are really worth visiting as the oranges are all around and their aroma will refresh your mind and soul for sure.