Yelagiri, an ideal and well-known place for trekkers and nature lovers, is a perfect destination to spend a vacation or a trip. The mesmerizing destination, Yelagiri, is located at an elevation of 1,700,20 meters above sea level. Yelagiri is known to comprise 14 hamlets and so many temples spreading all over the hills. However, in the year 1950, the region of Yelagiri was taken under the government as it was once the property of the Yelagiri zamindar family. Yelagiri is indeed a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers. Although it is not that developed as Ooty or Kodaikanal is but is a heaven for sure. And the attraction of its beauty is grabbing the attention, which is now helping in its progress.

Yelagiri has everything to offer to its tourists, from majestically beautiful orchards and rose gardens to serenity and verdant valleys. Yelagiri is the perfect weekend getaway from Chennai if you are in mere need of a break. There are so many options available here, from waterfalls, trekking trails, temples, and farms in Yelagiri to be explored. If you are also in need of a break and planning to spend it in the serenity of Yelagiri, then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan your trip to Yelagiri, and this blog will guide you with the rest!


Being a hill station, Yelagiri enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. Winters are neither too cold, nor the summers are too hot. Still, suppose you want o know in particular the best time to visit Yelagiri. In that case, it is from November to February if you want to enjoy the hill station in winter. If you want to enjoy the hill station in the summers, then prefer May-June to be part of the Summer Festival organized here.



jalagmparai waterfalls

Jalagamparai waterfalls are one of the best places to pay a visit while you are on your Yelagiri tour. The cascading waterfall is located about 14 kilometers away from the main area of Yelagiri. The sparkling and gorgeous waterfall forms by the Attaru river, the river that meanders from the hills of Yelagiri and falls from a considerable height. In Yelagiri, the waterfall is the perfect place to rejuvenate and refresh the mind and soul from the inside out. To reach this gushing waterfall, you need to trek downhill and again climb up a hill on the other side. The journey is undoubtedly a delightful one. It may be arduous to foot, but you will forget it all for sure once you reach there!


One of the most amazing places to visit in Yelagiri is Nilavoor lake. It is a paradise for the boasting freaks as it offers boating on the calm water by the pedal or motorboats. While boating, you can enjoy the pleasant weather of Yelagiri and the well-maintained garden, and the swaying trees all around. The place is that pure that you will be able to breathe the freshness here. The serene water, scenic beauty, and calmness of nature are really very spellbinding.


One of the most fascinating tourist places in Yelagiri is SRL Rose Garden that you can’t afford to miss during your Yelagiri tour. The garden is home to so many exotic species of flowers and tropics. The place is a perfect bliss and is a visual treat for the eyes. There are a plethora of floral species that will serve as a delight. During monsoons, the beauty of the place gets so enhanced. After every rain, you will get t witness the fresh dazzling flowers. Don’t miss this dreamland during your Yelagiri tour.


punganoor lake

One of the most popular places to visit in Yelagiri is Punganoor Lake Park. This is an artificial lake and is one of the much sought-after sites. And you will fall in love with the sites and scenes of the place once you get a boat ride there. One of the centre of attractions is the fountain on the lake. Moreover, you can take a stroll in the park around the lake. However, picnicking is not allowed in the park as authorities take strict actions to make the place clean and litter-free.

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One astonishing place in Yelagiri is the Swamimalai hills that you don’t deserve to miss while on your Yelagiri tour. Swamimalai hills are the highest point in Yelagiri. The point offers the best scenic vistas and fantastic surroundings. The hills are ideal for trekking and hence attract so many tourists and adventure lovers. The trekking to the top of the hills is not that difficult as most of the path is muddy, and the surroundings are so spell-binding that it will definitely take your breath away.


If you want to witness true tranquillity, then Nature Park is one of the best places to visit in Yelagiri. It is a must-visit for every nature lover and the tourists too. The park is spread across an area of 12 acres. The park is flooded with so many plant species that are mostly found in the rocky terrain. The park has many tourist attractions, such as a bamboo house, seasonal garden, artificial waterfall, musical fountain, and a fish aquarium.