Palakkad is located in the middle of the state of Kerala. It borders Malappuram on the northwest, Thrissur on the southwest, Nilgiris district on the northeast, and Coimbatore on the east. Palakkad is also called “the granary of Kerala.” The city acts as a gateway to Kerala as it is located just 50 km to Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore.

Covering an area of 4,480 km sq, Palakkad is the largest district of Kerala. The city is known for having a pleasant climate, thanks to its geographic location and the green cover it has. The city also has several rivers flowing within its boundaries, making it one of the most gifted and resourceful cities of the state. 

With modern-day development making its way into Palakkad, it has evolved as a perfect blend of an urban setup and untouched natural beauty. Palakkad has a lot to offer as far as tourist spots are concerned. From an ancient fort to majestic dams and from breathtaking forts to cascading waterfalls, the city has everything. Palakkad is one of the most happening cities in Kerala, with almost all the facilities for tourists in the city itself.

There are a lot of budgets stay options in the city that include hostels and cozy homestays. 

Beautiful Palakkad Tourist Places you Must not Miss…

Palakkad Fort: 

palakkad fort

Palakkad Fort is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Located nearly 4.4 km from the main city, the fort is a perfect example of India’s ancient architectural marvels. The history of this picturesque fort can be traced back to the rule of Zamorin. It was built in 1766 A.D by Hyder Ali. Palakkad Fort is also known as Tipu Sultan Fort, and it remains to be one of the most visited places in the city. If you are a history buff, this is the perfect place to start your exploration of Palakkad. The entry fee for adults is just Rs. 15, and you can visit the fort anytime between 8 am and 6 pm.

Nelliyampathy Hills: 

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city lie the breathtaking Nelliyampathy Hills. Located 60 km far from the main city, the lush green hills are perched atop such a height that they often appear to be covered with clouds. You will reach the hills upon driving through a well built road passing through scenic landscapes and several picturesque spots. One of the most thrilling aspects of visiting the Nelliyampathy Hills is the scenic road trip that one needs to take. The entry fee for adults is Rs. 20, and entry is not allowed after 4 pm.

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Dhoni Waterfalls: 

The waterfall is named after a tiny hamlet near Palakkad, which is known for its undisturbed natural beauty. Located inside a dense forest, Dhoni Waterfalls is a treat to the eyes. Ideal for taking a bath amidst mother nature, the waterfall is a jewel on the crown, i.e., the forest that is a part of the majestic Western Ghats. The sound of water falling on the ground in the middle of a jungle sounds like pure music to ears. The waterfall is located nearly 15 km far from the city, and you will need to pay an entry fee of Rs. 100 to visit the waterfall, which is totally worth what you get to see.

Meenvallam Waterfalls: 

meenavalllam waterfalls

If Dhoni Waterfalls is a picture perfect waterfall, Meenvallam resembles the raw side of nature. Making its way through rocky mountains, Meenvallam personifies nature’s force and creativity. It is nearly 29 km from the main city on the Kalladikode-Meenvallam Road, in Moonnekkar. It is a 5 step waterfall, and it is possible to reach up to two steps. However, one needs to be careful with their steps. Losing balance here can be dangerous as each step is 20-25 feet away from the other. If you know swimming, bathing at this waterfall is gonna be a really enjoyable experience.

Chulliyar Dam: 

Since Palakkad has a lot of rivers within its periphery, several dams have been constructed at different points for storing water and using it for industrial purposes. Chulliyar Dam is located in a very picturesque spot, and it is one of the most visited dams by tourists. The breathtaking view of the glorious Nelliyampathy Mountains from the dam makes the visit worth every pain. It is located nearly 34 km from the main city, and the cheapest way to reach the dam is by taking a public bus or an auto.