I recently purchased a Denim jacket, and it was the most expensive wearable I’ve ever bought. (Apart from the super skinny suit that I got stitched for my college farewell, only to realize later that college farewells are once in a lifetime phenomenon). No rational argument could justify a student’s decision to get a super expensive suit except for a one-night event except that it was an attempt to compensate for the attention that I thought I deserved from high school to college, but I didn’t get.

The realization became more painful when I realized that my friend’s sneakers were costlier than my skinny-fit suit. Also, “Who pairs a suit with sneakers?” was the level of my fashion sense. My attempt to get attention in a black suit went down the drain as every other guy had the same plan. It was like 48 guys trying to look different while wearing same-colored suits.    

denim jacket

Nevertheless, the question that has been a constant before and after the farewell is “What to wear?”. This is not a female centric-problem, and guys struggle to find the perfect dress for an occasion. Thanks to the good old Blue Jeans for turning our savior, it doesn’t work in every situation. Purchasing matching clothes is a struggle, and the task becomes even more daunting when one has a budget constraint.

Life’s really tough when you don’t have a Manish Arora or Ujjawal Dubey designing clothes for you. With the online shopping trend getting more and more popular and going to the stores being a tale of the old days, men really struggle to find the right set of clothing. You wait for weeks to see your favorite white linen shirt back in stock, but by the time you get it, your favorite trouser turns out to be sold out. 

The ‘one at a time’ strategy of shopping is clearly not working. We need more education about selecting the right clothes for the right occasion. One reason girls steal the show in their sober Sarees despite boys spending huge amounts on their dress is the apt dressing sense. It’s about dressing according to the occasion.

The general perception is that bad dressing is associated with a lack of money which clearly isn’t the case. Google is flooded with queries like “What to wear to a wedding?”, “What to wear to a court,” and even “What to wear to a beach?”. What’s the reason behind these kinds of queries. It’s neither the lack of money nor the lack of clothes. It’s the lack of information about dressing for the occasion. 


It took me years of improper dressing and tens of hours of Instagram scrolling to realize that dressing to occasion was a thing. 

What can we do about improving the dressing sense?

  • Following Some Fashion Bloggers
  • Investing in Accessories
  • Giving equal importance to Grooming
  • Focusing on the right fit
  • Asking for feedback from friends

For instance, you can’t wear a suit to a funeral in India, but the same becomes a formal dress code in the West’s funerals. Suits and Indo-western costumes are worn in India’s marriages, while in the West, they go for bright-colored dresses. 

picnic dress

While going for a picnic, a date, or a day out with friends, it’s good to wear casual clothes that are easy to carry and comfortable to wear for a long time. For special occasions like marriages, engagements, or other such ceremonies, dresses like suits and sherwani look good. Your wardrobe must have a different set of clothes for different occasions. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend a bomb to have all the bases covered. You can easily find the desired set of clothes in your budget, both- at the stores and online. 

Also, certain accessories go well with your clothing. Investing in some accessories like a wristwatch, sunglasses, and good pair of shoes is never going to hurt. Shoes are an important part of your dressing. Every individual must have a pair of sports shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, and formal shoes. One kind of shoe doesn’t go with all kinds of dresses, and this is one of the most basic dressing tips that you must remember.