The cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai is a culture that is admired by the rest of the parts of India. The culture of Mumbai is a perfect combination and blend of old and new traditions. The economic hub of India, Mumbai, is one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in India. Mumbai is the city of dreams and hence has an assortment of people from various communities. However, the city of Mumbai follows all the modern trends but is still connected to the roots of typical Indian traditions.

The people living in Mumbai hence equally take part and celebrate at every festival irrespective of caste, creed, and color, and this makes the culture of Mumbai unique from the others. Mumbai is a blend of different amazing cuisines, languages, cinema, festivals, and fine arts. From local food to five-star cuisines, from Ganesh Chaturthi to EID and Christmas, the culture of the film city of India has a lot to offer.

Let’s study the culture of Mumbai, to know how it stands out from the rest…


mumbai language
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Language plays an important role in determining the culture of a region. However, in Mumbai, the official language is Marathi, as it is the local mother tongue of local Maharashtrian and Mumbaikars. Other languages that are commonly used in the city of Mumbai include Hindi, English, Gujrati, and Urdu. Although other languages too are in use these are some commonly and majorly spoken languages in the city.


food of mumbai
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Cuisines, one of the important factors that make Mumbai culture way more different from the others. Mumbaikars are so very passionate about the food, they are a huge foodie and Mumbai is the city where people from all over the world flock and even get settled. As Mumbai is the city of dreams, hence it fulfills the demands of every delicacy. To make people from all over the world feel homely, the culture of Mumbai offers every option and cuisines are one of them.

In Mumbai, from continental to local every cuisine of the world can be found. However, Mumbai is best known for its Vada Pav, Pani Puri, Missal Pav, Sev Puri, and so on street food. Mumbai cuisines include every popular flavor from Punjabi to Mughlai and from European to South Indian.

Fine Arts

mumbai art
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Mumbai knows well the value of fine art and hence the culture of Mumbai is deeply influenced by art. Being the home to the Bollywood industry, Mumbai’s art culture holds great importance. Bollywood music is the most popular part of Mumbai’s culture. Mumbai also has produced some great legendary classical singers and musicians, such as Zubin Mehta, who calls Mumbai his home. Mumbai’s National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) is a multi-purpose center with the sole aim of preserving and promoting India’s rich culture of arts, theatre, and music.

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In sports, how can Mumbai lag? Sports is one of the crucial parts of the culture of Mumbai. In Mumbai, cricket itself is a religion and football is an emotion and hence Mumbai is the place that has given some of the amazing legendary cricketers to the world. Even Mumbai is now one of the biggest IPL franchises today in the country. Besides cricket, other sports too are given equal importance and are promoted equally, from badminton to hockey.


Mumbai has always been the secular city and the city of so many faiths. The rapid movement of people from different locations and communities to Mumbai has made Mumbai, the city of so many faiths and religions. The flourishing of so many religions in Mumbai is also one of the significant reasons the culture of Mumbai stands out from the rest. However, most of the people in Mumbai are a mix of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists. In Mumbai, the diversity of culture makes religious celebrations and secularism go hand-in-hand.


culture of mumbai, lal bagh ganesha
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The diversity of culture and religions in Mumbai makes Mumbai the land of so many festivals throughout the year. The most important festivals in Mumbai’s culture include Ganesh Chaturthi, EID, Diwali, Christmas, and Durga Pooja. With every festival in Mumbai comes so many delicacies and rituals. Festivals are an inseparable part of Mumbai’s amazing and unique culture.

Infrastructure and Real Estate

Real estate and infrastructure in Mumbai are quite expensive. If compared Navi Mumbai has a little cheaper rates. Accommodation too, in Navi Mumbai, is low-priced. But because of the IT hubs in Navi Mumbai, the prices of real estate are skyrocketing. Mumbai boasts so many business hubs too, such as Nariman Point, Hiranandani Business Park, and so on. Thus, the culture of Mumbai is the high-tech one and hence differs from the rest.


film city of mumbai

The culture of Mumbai is incomplete without the cinema. The undying spirit of Mumbai cannot be justified without its cinema. The home to Bollywood, Mumbai, has so many gems of Indian cinema from Raj Kapoor to Amitabh Bachchan. People all around the world get fascinated by the cinematic culture of Mumbai.


people of mumbai

People play a very important role in making the culture of a particular region and so is the case with Mumbai. The people of Mumbai are humble, helpful and hardworking. Mumbai is also known as the city that never sleeps and the people of Mumbai are the reason for it. The people of Mumbai are passionate about their city and no matter from where they belong or from which background they are coming from. They are so friendly and get mixed up with each other so easily and quickly.

This is what the culture of Mumbai comprises. The culture of Mumbai is definitely different from the rest and is way more interesting and unique too.