The Top 10 Indian Companies are your dream job placements 

The Indian business sector has been booming in the past few years. With globalization, several reforms, and a business-friendly environment flourishing globally, global giants have shifted their attention to the Indian market in the past few years. The encouragement of promotion of entrepreneurship skills has also been one of the primary reasons behind the sudden spike in the business sector in India. The rich people like Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, and Gautam Adani have invested billions in making India a business-loving economy.

Many companies started from rags a few decades ago and now have a market cap of billions. Market cap is a technical term used to determine the size of a company on the grounds of capital or wealth. Market cap means the total market value of a company’s outstanding stocks. It is a crucial factor to decide the size of any company. Market cap is not a static value. It keeps on constantly changing with the surge of a slump in the prices of the shares. This capitalization is what attracts foreign investors to do business with the company.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Indian companies in terms of market cap.

10. ITC: 


ITC is one of the oldest and the biggest firms in the country, and it is the 10th biggest firm in terms of market cap. It is a major private firm that deals in FMCG, hotels, packaging, paperboards & specialty papers, and agri-business. The market cap of the firm stands at Rs. 2,22,715 crores. The net profit of the firm is Rs. 15,136 crores. The company is headquartered in Kolkata capital of West Bengal. 

9. ICICI: 

icici bank

ICICI Bank is the 9th largest private organization. The financial institution has its headquarters in Gujarat’s Vadodara, and it was founded in 1994. It provides all kinds of banking services, financial assistance to retail and corporate consumers across the country. The market cap of the institution is Rs.2,59,151 crores. It has a network of over 5,200 branches and 15,150 ATMs across India.

8. Kotak Mahindra Bank: 

kotak mahindra bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank is slightly ahead of ICICI on the list with a market cap of Rs.2,62,878 crores. One of the leading private institutions in the country, the bank provides all the banking solutions to consumers across the country. It is working towards making banking options more accessible. The bank has its branches in all the major cities and towns across the country.

7. Bharti Airtel: 

bharti airtel

Bharti Airtel is a leading telecom provider in India. It operates in 18 different countries in Asia and Africa. Apart from telecom services, the firm also provides TV dish facilities. The market cap of Bharti Airtel is Rs.2,62,985 crores. The net revenue of the firm in the year 2020 was Rs. 875 billion. 

6. HDFC: 


HDFC group is the sixth-largest private firm in the country. It is one of the largest financial services companies in the country, with a market cap of Rs.3,14,280 crores. HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and deals in banking, general insurance, asset management, realty, education, deposits, venture capital, and others. HDFC bank has over 5,500 branches across India. 

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5. Infosys: 


Infosys Limited is one of the leading Information Technology companies in India, with its presence outside India. It is an IT and outsourcing company headquartered in Bengaluru. Founded by Narayana Murthy and others in 1981, Infosys employs nearly 2,43,000 individuals in the country. The market cap of Infosys stands at Rs.4,20,210 crores.

4. Hindustan Unilever: 

HUL, hindustan unilever

One of the oldest firms in the country, Hindustan Unilever Limited, is an Indian consumer goods company headquartered in Maharashtra’s Mumbai. The firm was founded before independence in October 1933. It deals in various products, including foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care products, water purifiers, and several other products. The market cap of Hindustan Unilever is Rs.5,00,925 crores.

3. HDFC Bank: 

hdfc bank

Do not confuse HDFC Bank with the HDFC mentioned at the 6th spot. Both are different entities. HDFC Bank is one of the preeminent private banks in the country. It was incorporated in 1994 and was the first bank in India to get approval by the RBI to offer financial services in the private sector. The market cap of HDFC Bank is Rs.5,92,659 crores.

2. Tata Consultancy Services: 

tcs, tata

Tata Consultancy Services is the leading IT firm in the country. TCS deals in IT services, business solutions, and consultancy. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The multinational IT firm was founded in 1968. The firm employs nearly 5 lakh people in the country. The market cap of TCS stands at Rs.9,35,394 crores.

1. Reliance Industries: 


There should be no doubt about which one is the biggest firm in India regarding market cap. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, the multinational conglomerate company is headquartered in Mumbai and deals in various sectors that include textiles, telecommunications, retail, natural resources, and petrochemical sectors. The market cap of Reliance Industries stands at Rs.1,507,404 crores.