With the festive holidays approaching and the new year not so far, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a holiday? Maybe a lively pub, a road trip or a holiday next to a serene beach. Well, everyone loves beaches. It is where nature’s creativity and beauty come together to amaze us with the unreal sceneries and waves that symbolise life. Whether kids or adults, beaches excite everyone alike. Partying in a local pool or going to a beach for a long relaxing tour is a thought that crosses every individual’s mind.

Beaches are our escape from the real world that’s full of hustle and chaos. They take away all our stress and fill us with enthusiasm. But the increasing tourist count near the beach destinations has affected the ecosystem effectively. There are several beaches that are full of garbage and dirt today. Thanks to the careless humans. But even today, some societies and some governments have ensured that cleanliness remains the primary goal and the condition of beaches is not worsened due to human interference. In this blog, I’ll tell you about 6 of the world’s cleanest beaches.

1. Peyto Lake: Canada is not only known for the snow-clad mountains. Pure water bodies are another speciality of Canada, courtesy of their responsible and aware population that ensures cleanliness wherever they go. Situated in Alberta, Peyto Lake is among one of the most beautiful and scenic water bodies in the world. Though it doesn’t have much sand like traditional beaches, the lake has crystal clear water that gets its blue colour from the melting ice from the Peyto Glacier and Wapta Icefields. Located in the Banff National Park, it is a prime tourist attraction in Canada.

2. Egremni Beach: The water at Egremni Beach is the clearest in the Eastern part of the world and one of the cleanest in the entire world. A major tourist destination and adventure activities hotspot, Egremni beach is located on the Lefkada island that is a part of Greece. Splitting from the Mediterranean sea, the beach is primarily known for the cleanliness and the clear nature of water. Apart from this, the marine life inside the water is very rich and some rare species flourish beneath the blue marvel. 

3. Devil’s Bay: Completely opposite to its name, Devil’s Bay is a heaven for nature lovers and marine life. The must-visit beach destination is located on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The sparkling white sand and crystal clear water are the highlight of Devil’s Bay. This is an untouched part of the world with a limited number of tourists visiting the place. The small beach is inside a National Park and hence, cleaning of the water is an activity that is frequently practised here. There are several other water bodies in the nearby area where you can try your hands at water-based sports or enjoy a bath amidst nature. 

4. Plitvice Lakes National Park: Every individual must visit this place not just because of the clean water but also the appearance of the entire region that is hypnotic in itself. You can gaze at the beauty of this place for hours without blinking an eye. Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Croatia. The national park is dotted with several beautiful lakes. 16 major lakes falling through variable heights through lush green valleys give this national park a unique and attractive appearance. A UNESCO world heritage site since 1979, the national park is all about clean water lakes, sand beaches next to them and valleys dotted with green plants and gigantic trees. You can enjoy a boat tour of this park as well.

5. Con Son: The most beautiful places are those that you haven’t heard of. Con Son is one such place. Located 110 miles off Vietnam’s southeastern coast, Con Son is an utterly beautiful island situated in the 16-island archipelago named Con Dao. The area is sparsely populated with distant neighbourhoods. The tourist inflow is low as well as very few people know about this place. The island houses clean and clear water with gorgeous sceneries at the backdrop. Con Son is an epitome of the untouched beauty of nature. 

6. Ambergris Caye: In ordinary places, you need to go underwater to witness marine life. But, the Ambergris Caye is extraordinary, heavenly and untouched. It is the largest island of Belize, a Caribbean country. The water here is so clear that you can see under it from the top (literally). The water here is full of stingrays, sharks and other marine creatures that you haven’t heard of. It is a perfect example of nature’s flawless and detailed creation. The Ambergic Cave here is one particularly beautiful area. You can enjoy a mesmerising view from the beachfront hotels here.