The Concept of Smart city was Developed in 2008 when IBM bought the Smart cities as a part of Smarter Planet Initiatives. As per studies conducted In India, by 2050, 70% population would be shifted to metropolitan cities. As per the survey conducted, 500 new towns would be required and to accomplish this challenge. The Government of India launched this Mission as Smart Cities Mission on 25th June 2015. 

Smart Cities Mission is metropolitan recharging and retrofitting program by the Government of India with the Mission to create 100 urban communities the nation over, making them resident well-disposed and maintainable. The Union Ministry of Urban Development is liable for actualizing the Mission in a joint effort with the particular urban areas’ state legislatures.

What is Smart City?

Smart City is a planned city that uses innovation to offer assistance and take care of city issues. A brilliant city does things like improving transportation and openness, improving social administrations, advancing manageability, and giving its residents a voice.

The goals of smart City are

  • To provide adequate infrastructure for livelihood 
  • To achieve the Mission of sustainable development.
  • To improve the quality of life of the people living in undeveloped cities.
  • To improve the existing infrastructure of current cities. 

Advantages of smart cities Mission:

  • It can provide a solution to people living in slum areas. It can solve the problem of accommodation for a migrant in cities.
  • Smart urban communities will be more resident-driven. This will be a decent advance towards a base-up methodology in administration. 
  • Brilliant starts will lessen the expense of the foundation, consequently making the lodging less expensive and reasonable. 
  • Numerous work openings will be made for IT individuals as well as to many. So this can decrease joblessness somewhat. 
  • Advantages will spread to all areas of individuals through a stream down impact. 
  • The improved vehicle framework will positively affect the economy. 
  • Even though the capital sum is colossal, the advantages can recuperate the interest in the future.

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Smart city project will pace Economic Growth.

Keen Cities Council India has been shaped to advance the improvement of brilliant urban communities in the country. It is essential for the US-based Smart Cities Council, a consortium of smart city professionals and specialists, with 100 or more part and counselor associations working in more than 140 nations. This is an incredible move by the Cabinet as urban communities are motors of the development. They contribute 60% in addition to the GDP. PM has picked the correct methods for quickening Growth in the economy. 

The Mission of building 100 brilliant urban communities plans to advance the selection of shrewd answers for effective utilization of accessible resources, assets. The framework to upgrade the nature of metropolitan life and give a spotless and manageable climate, the public authority said. Under shrewd urban communities activity, the spotlight will be on center foundation administrations like sufficient and clean water supply, sterilization and strong waste administration, productive metropolitan portability, and public transportation.

 4 Challenges smart cities will face


Displacement of people

Building brilliant urban communities may bring about the departure and dislodgement of numerous individuals. 

The gap between rich and poor

Keen urban communities may enlarge the rich-helpless hole.

Insufficient funds

Funding bigger urban communities can be a challenge to the govt of India. 

Lack of professional Experts

A lot of professional experts are required for the development of cities. There is a lack of experienced professional experts. So govt involves a lot of time and money to select professionals for the project. Before they start the project.


At last, we would like to say that smart city Mission is a great move in India. It will pace up the Economic Growth of the country. But this will make the gap wider between rich and poor.