Multitasking means doing two things simultaneously side by side at once.

Scientifically it is not possible. Because when we do two things at once. We are not able to give 100% attention and mindfulness to both. But in a contest of women’s, it is not right to say multitasking is impossible. In reality, we stop one task and accomplish the other side by side as we switch from one task to another. As per studies, multitasking slows down the work and increases the number of tasks. However, we can train ourselves to multitask

Some Research says Ladies are better at working at performing multiple tasks. Since everybody realizes ladies are working performing multiple tasks at our home. Ladies are planning the right working circumstance throughout the time-frame. In this way, ladies are acceptable working for our home or industry. They include their lifetime to work it out for home or industry. They penance numerous things for our home. So, they include working for some works.

women better multitaskers

Some research says gray matter zones are data and activity handling centers. White matter is the systems administration framework that associates the mind’s dim matter, and other preparing focuses with each other. This mind preparing distinction is likely one explanation behind what the vast majority of us may have seen, that is, young ladies, keep an eye on a more rapid switch between undertakings than young men do. This distinction in the dark white matter could be the motivation to say ladies are extraordinary multitaskers, and men dominate in exceptionally task-centered activities.

All apart from researches and myths, human brains are good at switching tasks, but we can’t give 100% attention to two subsequent works at once. India is a patriarchal country. It is still believed women are only responsible for managing their homes as housewives and children. Even though gender roles are changing and men accept a bigger portion of the housework and childcare than before, gender gaps stay in numerous significant areas of work and everyday life.

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These incorporate the distribution of childcare, the division of housework, the pay hole, and the convergence of ladies in top positions. Thus, the performing various tasks fantasy implies moms are relied upon to “do everything”. In any case, this commitment can influence ladies’ psychological well-being, just as their ability to dominate at work.



Women are better at multitasking. This myth is not supported by any evidence. It generally means extra family work to manage the home. Managing children is gradually done by women as per our traditions and culture. But it should not be in this way. Just as in the home, we need to destroy these fantasies in the working environment. The supposition ladies are better multitaskers can impact the portion of authoritative errands. Errands like requiring minutes and sorting out gatherings ought not to be apportioned dependent on based on gender. 


Multitasking is a myth

Women are good at multitasking is a clear myth.

They are more responsible than men because our tradition and beliefs are women must accomplish all housework at home. So the reality is women have to manage professional life, personal life, housework at home, and also they have to manage their children. When more responsibility is assigned. We become habitual of managing task and things, as it becomes, is routine activities. Due to this reason, women are good at switching tasks, but this can, later on, affect their mental health. All the housework should be cataloged in one place. It must be assigned equally among the family members to promote gender equality.