Every organization is a set of groups of people who are highly interdependent for the success and goal of the organization. It is very much clear that a positive work environment motivates people and boosts their energy to work towards the desired objective. There must be a proper balance between responsibility accountability and friendship. The manager must keep in mind that while dealing with employees he/she must keep aside personal relationships. If the manager favors one executive in giving leaves and no to the other it will demotivate the other executive. Maintain a balance between work, responsibility and friendship is one of the biggest challenges in the organization.

Authority and responsibility:

If you are running a private company or business. And you have employed talented youth try to impart them some authority and responsibility as it will create two benefits employees will feel self-motivated when they will see that they are granted some power to make a decision and they feel responsible for the work assigned by you. It will build trust among subordinates and will certainly decrease employee turnover in the long run. This helps you to save time money and energy on hiring new people and help the business to achieve its mission and vision. 

Regard Your Employees: 

Regard your representatives and their conclusions. Never cause your representatives to feel disregarded. Try not to be brutal all over when you can’t help contradicting them. Regard their data sources and attempt to clarify your perspective with somewhat more compassion.

Provide them Feedback:

It’s your moral responsibility to provide them with real feedback for their task performed. Providing them proper feedback for their work is necessary as it will help the employees to learn. Always appreciate employee’s effort for their work. It will build confidence among them and they will work for the benefit of the organization with their 100% potential. If you feel that work accomplished by an employee has some mistakes positively guide them. So they get a chance to prove them 

Communication gap:

Communication is one of the significant aspects of the superior and subordinate relationship. Open and clear communication allows you to understand employees’ needs and wants. Week by week gatherings and hearing out the representatives assist you with accomplishing worker dedication. Great correspondence fills the hole among ungainliness and other human intricacies.

Make open end policy:

Make sure that employee is comfortable in reaching you with problems, grievances, and innovative ideas for achieving goals. Try to be a little informal and make friendly relations with employees but only after work or outside the office. Play smartly here discuss their weekends and holidays how they spend. Late night dinner and drinks in a café would be a great idea. Make sure you maintain a balance between office work and friendship. But in the end, keep in mind your job is to make sure that they work smartly and innovatively in favor of the organization.

Autonomy and space 

Give subordinates some source of freedom at the workplace. None of them will appreciate it if employees will not find space and room to accomplish tasks. It’s proof that autonomy at a workplace increases morale and job satisfaction among employee also improve your relationship with employees.


To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to maintain a learning attitude in the organization. Always welcome employees’ suggestions and innovative ideas, this will bring team spirit in employees and help to achieve the desired goal. At the end of the day, the superior-subordinate relationship is all about trust and believing in their task. Therefore, for the growth of the organization, you will need to maintain a positive working environment in the office by balancing responsibilities accountability, and friendship.