What do you make of elders’ advice about spending some time out in the sunlight during the winters? Is it just a belief or does the advice have any scientific reason behind the claim? Well, there are not one but hundreds of benefits of soaking up the sun and the light from the sun is very useful for human survival. The concept of sunbathing near a beach is not just a normal practice. It has several long-lasting benefits on the body. Whether it is the skin-related ailments or eyesight, sunlight can help you deal with many problems in a natural way.

Sunlight is particularly a luxury during the winters and it acts as a natural heater and warms up the body amid a chilling temperature. There are several health-related benefits of soaking up the sun and I am going to tell you about 8 health-related benefits of the same.

Boosts Immunity

Soaking Up The Sun boosts immunity

A strong immune system is critical in fighting against diseases that cause harm to the body. Sunlight is one of the known ways of curing diseases like psoriasis without chemical medication. You can protect your body against several diseases as soaking up the sunlight exposes your white blood cells to sunlight, strengthening them to fight diseases. 15 minutes of sunlight daily is really healthy. 

Reduces Risks of Cancer

Soaking Up The Sun reduces risk for cancer

Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to breast and colon cancer. When your skin is exposed to the sunlight, it produces large amounts of Vitamin D. This reduces the chance of developing cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer significantly. There are several other fatal diseases that can be kept at bay just by spending some time under the sun.

Aids Weight Loss

Soaking up the sun Aids Weight Loss

Obesity is a common problem that arises due to irregular eating habits or genetic problems. When you are under the sun, you sweat. This increases when you play a sport or exercise under the sunlight. This will help you cut excess fat and lose weight eventually. Thus, sunbathing is a useful way of burning extra calories. 

Fighting Depression

Soaking Up The Sun helps depression

The cases of depression are rising in the world frequently and improper knowledge about mental problems and busy lifestyle are the two main reasons behind the problem. Spending some time under the sun enhances your mood and leaves a soothing impact on your mind. This will not only help you fight a bad mood but also up your energy levels for the rest of the day. That’s why soaking up the sun early morning is a healthy practice.

Improves Eye Health

Soaking Up The Sun improves eyesight

With the amount of time the present generation spends in front of TV screens or mobile screens, problems related to the eyesight are on a rise. It is a well-known fact that sunlight fulfils the Vitamin D requirements of the body. This not only promotes good eye health but also helps in fighting problems related to eye health. However, looking directly at the sun with the naked eye can be harmful and must be avoided.

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Fighting Diabetes

Soaking Up The Sun helps fighting diabetes

Diabetes is another common disease that can be found in people of the present generation irrespective of their age group. Earlier, only the elderly people were found to be affected by diabetes but today, even kids are getting affected by the disease. Vitamin D helps in the production of insulin in the body. The lack of insulin can cause two types of Diabetes and getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin D can prevent this two diabetes from developing.

Fighting Skin Disorders

Soaking Up The Sun helps fighting skin problems

Skin diseases like acne, eczema, jaundice, psoriasis and fungal skin infections are irritating and can affect you for a long time if not taken care of. Standing under the sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes daily will help you get rid of such diseases over time. However, those affected with such diseases should avoid spending too much time under the sunlight as it may lead to tanning.

Improved Bone Health

Soaking Up The Sun improves bone health

Vitamin D is also helpful in processing calcium that helps the strengthening process of the bones. The amount of Vitamin D present in the sunlight can help significantly, giving you strong bones. The stronger the bones, the more strength your body has. 

  • Avoid standing under the sun between 11 am and 3 pm as the intense heat can damage your skin and can even lead to problems like skin cancer.
  • Avoid sitting under the sun for more than 20 minutes as it may lead to skin aging.
  • If your skin is already tanned, avoid spending time under the sun’s heat as it may lead to sunburns.