The Internet has revolutionised the way we connect with each other. Connecting with our dear ones has become more convenient, easier and faster. You can virtually reach any corner of the world while sitting at the comfort of your home. A lot has changed in the past 20 years as far as technology is concerned and connectivity has improved for good. From downloading a movie to attending classes from the top universities in the world, everything has become easier due to the global connectivity that is a by-product of the internet. The speed of the internet has also improved significantly over the past few years. The slow 2G speed was first upgraded into 3G. It has now further improved to 4G and the 5G is already around the corner.

Apart from this, technologies like optical fiber have taken the internet speed to the next level. From developed countries to developing countries and under-developed countries, the internet has reached almost every part of the world and this widespread connectivity has been a boon for globalization. There are various platforms that assess the speed of the countries across the world and according to those stats, I’ve brought to you a list of top 8 countries with the highest internet speed in the world.


Netherlands has the fastest internet

With mobile internet speed and broadband internet speed combined, the Netherlands is among the countries with the highest internet speed in the world. Akamai Technologies in the Netherlands has the fastest internet speed in entire Europe. The average speed is 14.2 Mbps. Overall, the Netherlands has the 8th fastest internet speed at 40.21 Mbps. The highest mobile internet download speed recorded here is 88.13 Mbps.


beautiful city with fast internet

If you are not a Geography student, it is possible that you haven’t heard of Luxembourg yet. It is a landlocked country in Western Europe. From 2007 to 2017, Luxembourg saw huge progress in internet speed and connectivity. It also has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world. The average internet speed recorded in the European country is 41.69 Mbp.

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What would you expect of Japan?

Everyone is aware of the progress that Japan has made in terms of technology. The country is known for fast bullet trains, extraordinary gadgets and cutthroat technologies. The Internet has played a major role in Japan’s progress. The rise of entrepreneurship and corporate structures in the country is dependent on the internet. That is why the internet remains a primary requirement for Japan and its citizens. The average internet speed in Japan is 42.77 Mbps.


Denmark a good fusion of tradition and high tech

Europe is an epitome of progress and the internet can’t be excluded from the must-have list if a country eyes progress in today’s world. Denmark has the fifth-fastest internet speed in the world at 49.19 Mbps. Almost all of the Danes can enjoy fast internet while sitting at their homes. 65% of Denmark’s population relies on mobile internet for daily usage.


A lovely city that offers fast internet

Sweden and Denmark give each other tough competition in almost every field and internet speed is no different. You can download an entire movie in 10 to 12 minutes in Sweden. The country was first connected to the internet in 1984 for study purposes. However, it was unrolled for the general public much later. The fast internet in Sweden is the reason why so many online careers thrive successfully. 50 Mbps speed can easily be noted in Sweden and the average speed here is 55.18 Mbps.


Jersey will give you what you need

You don’t need to worry if you haven’t heard of Jersey yet. Jersey is located in the Channel Islands and the less known nation enjoys one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. Don’t get shocked if you find 100Mbps speed in Jersey during a holiday visit. The average internet speed in Jersey is 67.46 Mbps.


The fastest growing economy with fastest internet

Singapore is a living example of progress and an example for the Asian nations. Almost all leading firms have their headquarters in Singapore and thus, the internet becomes mandatory in Singapore. The average internet speed in Singapore is 70.86 Mbps. Almost 85% of Singapore’s population has access to the internet and 75% of the population has an active internet connection on their phones.


Internet is free here

Taiwan has managed to progress at an impressive rate despite so many hindrances by China. The independent nation has an average internet speed of 85.02 Mbps. Almost all major cities in Taiwan have FTTP that is capable of providing the fastest internet in the world.