The holiday season is almost upon us! We have you covered for hairstyles while you take care of your skin to make it seem gorgeous and glowing. We’ve taken five everyday haircuts and given them a Christmas twist so you can appear flawless in all of your photos this holiday season. So in 2023, give up on your go-to buns and ponytails and try these stunning yet simple festive hairstyle ideas.

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rose bun

This one is both gorgeous and simple. Make beach waves in your hair to start. Next, gather one portion from each side of your head and tie it off at the back in a half-up ponytail. After it’s fastened, braid three strands together. Now, use a U-pin to fasten the braided hair around the ponytail’s base. That’s it; now you can show off your braided rose bun!

Pull through side braid

Coils are always enjoyable. They’re an easy method to achieve a stylish, carefree look for your hair. We recommend giving the pull-through side braid a try during this festive season. Make sure to thoroughly brush your hair to remove any knots or tangles. Next, start the pull-through braiding by moving all of your hair to the side you want to braid. Although pull-through braids may seem frightening, we assure you that they are quite simple to style and look fantastic.

Braided top knot 

We adore knots on top. This hairdo is stylish and easy to pull off throughout this festive season. It is essentially a better version of the classic half-up top knot. Make three sections out of your hair, then take the middle section and braid it into a basic three-strand braid. You’re ready to dazzle when you finish braiding and wrap it around your crown, pinning it in place.

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Half up, Half down Bubble pony

Recall the gorgeous bubble ponytail that Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore to the BAFTAs this year? We can’t wait to rock the half-up, half-down bubble ponytail this holiday season, taking a cue from PeeCee’s style manual. We recommend trying the half up, half down hair variation of the bubble pony instead of the typical one, which involves gathering half of your hair. It will give your hair a polished and stylish appearance.

twisted bun 

Give your hair a festive twist this season with the twisted bun, my darlings with short hair. All you have to do is part your hair in two, and begin twisting the two sections together. As you twist, don’t forget to incorporate some hair from the sides. All you need to do is knot everything up into a bun at the end.