Energy Efficiency Day is observed on December 14th, according to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, or BEE. The intention behind this was to raise awareness among all parties regarding energy, including how to preserve it as much as possible and become more efficient. 

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We can’t survive in a world without energy because we all use it on a daily basis in many forms. We’ve provided some simple energy-saving advice to help you preserve this valuable resource:

Turn off switches 

Make sure you’ve shut off all the lights and fans in a room before leaving it every time. As soon as you’re finished, turn off any water heaters you may have.

Set up the solar panels

Because solar energy is sustainable and better for the environment, solar panels use the heat from the sun to create energy. In addition to being readily available and simple to install, solar heaters can reduce your electricity costs.

swapping out lightbulbs

Although LED light bulbs can burn for up to 25,000 hours, conventional incandescent light bulbs can only last for roughly 1000 hours. To create the same amount of light, incandescent light bulbs also require five times the electricity of LED light bulbs.

keep food in your fridge 

If your refrigerator and freezer are little utilised, you’re squandering a lot of energy. You are making the most of your fridge’s and freezer’s electricity usage if you keep them fully stocked.

modernise your appliances 

An Energy Star Rating system is now included with appliances that use a lot more energy, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, etc. An appliance with more stars indicates that it is more energy-efficient without sacrificing functionality. Therefore, replace the 20-year-old fridge with a more modern, energy-efficient one.

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Use Smart Power Strips

Any plugged-in, unplugged appliance continues to use electricity. This is referred to as a “phantom load.” Use a smart power strip to prevent this enormous energy waste, especially while the item is not in use. These include specialised circuitry used to keep an eye on and regulate the power going to every outlet in the strip. It eliminates electricity waste and increases overall energy efficiency.

Utilise Kitchen Appliances Carefully

Use caution when operating kitchen appliances like the electric kettle and microwave. These gadgets consume a lot of energy. Some of them use it similarly to a geyser or air conditioner. 

energy saving with your PC

Switch off your home office devices when not in use. A computer that works nonstop, for instance, uses more energy than a refrigerator. If your computer must be left on, turn off the monitor since it uses more than half of the power in the system. Sleep mode on computers, monitors, and copiers can save up to 40% on energy costs while they’re not in use.