There are a vast range of options available to keep yourself hydrated during the summers. From juices to smoothies, there are a lot of soothing options to choose from. However, the same is not the case during the winters. Tea and Coffee are the only common beverages that are available to keep yourself hydrated and warm during the suffers. While tea is mainly popular in the Indian subcontinent, coffee is one such beverage that is popular globally. There are several variants of coffee available across the world that people prefer to drink right from waking up from the bed to going to the bed. The only problem is that coffee has rich amounts of caffeine that has a lot of negative impacts on the health of humans.

Health enthusiasts are continuously growing conscious of their health. This is why they are replacing their cup of coffee with different types of beverages and drinks. While a little caffeine will do no harm to your body, there have been very common instances of people growing addicted to caffeine. There are numerous disadvantages of consuming too much caffeine. 

  • Caffeine when taken in limited doses, triggers the release of adrenaline. However, too much caffeine may cause anxiety and nervousness. It may also lead to rapid breathing and increased stress levels.
  • People often consume caffeine to work or study till late in the night. While this is perfectly OK to do on some rare occasions. However, doing this frequently might lead to lack of sleep or insomnia.
  • There’s one common disadvantage of consuming too much tea or coffee. Extra consumption of caffeine may cause problems like digestion, loose stools and diarrhoea.
  • Frequent consumption of caffeine has been found to alter the heartbeat rhythm. Young people who consume too much caffeine are found to have extremely high heartbeat rates. In several instances, problems like kidney failure have also been reported.
  • Several myths related to caffeine consumption have been doing rounds. This includes heart stroke problems. However, there has been no proven research to back this plain. Although, too much caffeine consumption causes problems like very high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been associated with heart attacks on several occasions hence, one needs to be careful about the consumption of caffeine.

Now, despite all the disadvantages, a beverage of drink is necessary to have, especially during the winters. There are several alternatives of caffeine.

  • Turmeric Tea: Turmeric has been an essential kitchen ingredient since ancient times. With the growing complications related to caffeine drinks, turmeric beverages are slowly making a return to our kitchens. Combine healthy ingredients like ginger, clove and cardamom along with turmeric. Grind them well and put them in creamy milk after boiling them. Use honey in place of sugar in your tea to make it more healthy. It not only keeps caffeine-related complications at bay but also keeps your throat healthy during the winters.

turmeric tea in cup

  • Golden Milk Tea: Another health-friendly tea with turmeric makes way into the list. Turmeric not only has anti-inflammatory properties but it also helps in checking the blood sugar levels and boosting brain-power. This tea is prepared from coconut milk which is the secret ingredient of the drink. The milk is boiled and ingredients like turmeric, ginger, cardamom and clove are mixed to give the tea its final form. Honey is used as a sweetener in the tea.

golden milk tea served in a cup

  • Matcha Tea: Matcha tea is a very healthy alternative for traditional tea or coffee. It is a type of green tea made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis Plant. The leaves are dried and grinded into a fine powder. This powder is steamed to make Matcha tea. This tea has rich antioxidant properties. It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure apart from keeping you warm. Matcha Tea also helps in shedding fat and extra weight. Since the tea is prepared with water instead of milk, it is also low in fat.

matcha tea served in cups

  • Lemon Water: If there is one drink that can keep you fresh irrespective of the seasons. This drink is calorie less as well as caffeine less. The drink is also a rich source of Vitamin C. The drink has rich antioxidant properties and also boosts our immune system. Just boil a cup of water, squeeze a slice of fresh lemon into it. You can also add ginger or clove in the tea to make it more healthy. If you find the taste very hard, honey can also be used for sweetening it.

a glass of lemon water

  • Carob: Carob is a flowering tree and a very old alternative for chocolate. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and is completely caffeine-free. It contains rich amounts of proteins, vitamins A and B and carbohydrates. It also contains pinitol along with other minerals that keep you energised. The drink also improves your digestion. Carob is sweet in nature and hence it requires no artificial sugar to make your drink tasty. You can also use it to make a smoothie or hot chocolate drink.

carob in a wooden bowl

  • Peppermint Tea: I don’t need to write down the benefits of peppermint. It is a synonym to freshness and energy. If you want to do all your work with full energy and freshness, have a cup of peppermint tea after waking up. You can find mint very easily and peppermint tea can be made in a very less time. You can boil dried peppermint leaves in water or add peppermint essential oil in water to make your cup of peppermint tea.

Alternatives of Caffeine