Extravagant, stunning, or descriptive, these foods from movies are a feast for the eyes, leaving the viewer hungry just by watching.

Often it’s hard to look at the food and not feel hungry. Watching movies that deliberately concentrate on delicious food and do not want to eat anymore is even more challenging. Often the sizzle sounds like a slice of meat cooking on the grill. It may also be the picture of melting cheese or shining chocolate.

Even a character in a movie that describes food very well can give one a hankering for something unique. Films are also guilty of showcasing scenes with some of the best looking dishes that will have you Googling the recipe instantly.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – The Chocolate Room

The chocolate room from Charlie and the chocolate factory

Every kid’s dream is to step into a room where everything is edible candy, such as trees, plants, and the river. And adults can’t help but rejoice in this scene’s extravagance. The imagery is highly vivid, and the “Pure Imagination” of Gene Wilder makes it almost difficult to avoid jumping on the computer and chowing down on the candy.

Clearly, it is not safe to eat so much candy, and the Oompa Loompas have lessons for those who overeat, but it is always tempting. Indeed, this scene makes audiences want to go out and buy tonnes of candy.

Beef Bourguignon – Julie and Julia

Beef Bourguignon preparation in Julie and Julia

Beef bourguignon is a popular dish, and Julie tries to reinvent it with a luscious look. The meat that is simmering in the pan is mouthwatering. The final word looks like it’s going to smell and taste amazing. Don’t forget about the Bavarian cream raspberry, which looks divine as well. The swirl is excellent, and Julie’s narration, much as a cooking show, might help add to the food’s detail.

It is hard to choose only one scene in a movie packed with good-looking food. This one, however, certainly made every audience, except for the vegetarians, hungry.

$5 Milkshake – Pulp Fiction

The tasty milkshake from Pulp Fiction

Oh, how things have changed. Depending on where you are headed, a $5 milkshake is cheap now. But $5 for a milkshake was outrageous in 1994, and it was easier to be worth the money. And based on the reaction of John Travolta to it, that must be.

With the cherry on top, it looks delicious served in a retro bottle. The vanilla ice cream in the shake also looks ideal. Another memorable scene in Pulp Fiction is the Huge Kahuna burger. Still, because of how good the milkshakes are, this one made the cut.

Creating Cubanos – Chef

the recipe of cubanos from Chef

The Chef is another movie where the food looks fantastic. This whole list could be made up of only scenes from the film, but one of the best in the location where Cubans are made. The scene starts off well with the character of John Leguizamo cooking some fantastic meat.

However, the Cubano created by the character of Jon Favreau looks divine, with meat, butter, and cheese coming together to make something lovely. It’s incredible what can be made in a food truck, and even when it isn’t made in a gourmet kitchen, Favreau really captures how delicious food can be.

Marie Antoinette – Macarons

Macarone in mary Antoinette

“Let them eat cake, “Let them eat cake.”

It is a life of luxury to wear elegant dresses and eat a whole buffet of desserts, and the food here looks fantastic. The macarons look unbelievably sweet and delicious. Throughout the film, several sweets are shown, and they all look like only the finest chefs made them. Marie Antoinette makes television audiences want to chow down.

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Dinner at Celia’s – The Help

Ceilia's Dinner from the Help

When Minny is shocked by Celia’s husband, Johnny, Celia’s home-cooked meal provides her with another surprise. Meridional delights, such as pumpkin pie, ham, and fried chicken, fill the table. As there is a profusion of good-looking food on the table, it looks appetizing.

It was so delicious that the plate of food also gave Minny the strength to get her children out of their abusive household. With a delightful all-you-can-eat meal on the table to top it all off, it’s a heartwarming scene.

Be Our Guest – The Beauty And The Beast

Feast Song from Beauty and the Beast

Who does not like this classic Beauty and the Beast musical number? In this sequence, there are so many foods to choose from. Who doesn’t want to know what makes the grey stuff so delicious? Beef ragu, cheese souffle, pie, and pudding en flambe.

The food explodes off the screen, also in 2-D animation, and looks fantastic. There are so many choices, and since the song is so catchy, the whole buffet of options that Belle has to choose from is easy to recall. When the dinner and service are excellent, being trapped in a castle does not seem so bad.

The Great Hall Feast – Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

The great feast in Harry Potter

It seems so good to be a wizard and only appear on the table magically to have a huge feast. When a whole buffet comes out of nowhere, Harry and the other students are so impressed, and so are the viewers. Ron’s silly face on the drumsticks going to town is just how any kid would be when they had a lot of tasty food in front of them.

French fries (or chips), mashed potatoes, corn, and even turkey are available. It’s an incredible Thanksgiving meal with no planning at all. When you fall head-first into a bowl of mashed potatoes, it helps you forget about how horribly unhealthy Hogwarts is.

The Ratatouille – Ratatouille

Foods from the movies Ratatouille

How does food made by a rat look so fabulous? Leave it to the animators at Pixar to do so. There are plenty of delicious dishes in Ratatouille, but it is the final dish that wins over Anton Ego and the public. While Ratatouille itself is a delightful meal, it is the way it is prepared by Remy that makes it look so amazing.

When they are cooked so eloquently, any kid will want to eat their vegetables. This recipe is so delicious that when his mother prepares the dish, it causes Anton Ego to have a flashback to his childhood. It warms both his heart and the audience, serves as a reminder that a delicious meal can be made by anyone.

Almost Every Scene from Shokugeki No Soma

Shokugeki No Soma

The English Name is Food Wars, and they fight by cooking and win by evaluating which dish is tastes exquisite.

“Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” is a series of manga and anime popular both in Japan and abroad.

All right, in all seriousness, Shokugeki no Soma is hands down the most brilliant work in a long time to come out of Weekly Shonen Jump! It’s definitely a cooking manga, but it’s a fighting manga at its heart. Think of the anime version of Iron Chef and lots of porn food. No, seriously, like. It’s splendid, lol. And to back that up, it also has an exciting and endearing feel-good narrative!

You should undoubtedly try the unique dishes from Food Wars, whether you’re a fan of the anime or just like testing in the kitchen!