Goa is the heart of vacation lovers. Goa has everything to offer, from perfect virgin beaches, serene sunset and delectable foods. Goa, the smallest state of India, has many delectable foods that make this perfect holiday destination more perfect. The Goa food reflects the culture and history of the state. Goa is a state with a tropical climate, so the flavors and spices are intense. The foods of Goa depict the perfect blend of Portuguese colonialism, Hindu origins, and modern-day techniques.



goan fish curry

This is the perfect dish that will treat the taste buds. The Goan Fish Curry is the famous dish of Goa. It is served with the steamed or fluffy rice and is yum. The curry is based on coconut and is flavored with red chilies and fresh fish. Also, its tangy flavor is due to the Kokum. Instead of fishes, sometimes prawns are also used. The food is also known as Xitti Kodi. This food of Goa will never disappoint you, so do give it a try!


One must think about what can be so different in the ice cream as it remains the same everywhere. But trust me, this is way more different and a perfect solution to treat the sweet tooth in Goa. This colorful cuisine will please the cravings and the eyes as it looks so delicious and colorful. This Gadbad Ice cream is served in a large bowl or a tall glass. It combines different flavors of ice creams in a single serving that is topped with noodles and jelly. Nothing can be as perfect as this is for the hot summer cravings!


pork sopotel

Pork Sorpotel is the perfect and authentic food of Goa. This food of Goa is generally prepared on the occasion of Christmas. It is an interesting and must-try food of Goa. It is prepared by heating the sorpotel for about 20 to 30 minutes each, and the most interesting part is that it is said that the food tastes best on the third day.


goan fish dish

The trip to Goa is incomplete if you don’t taste the Fish Recheado. This food of Goa is perfect for treating the cravings for something different, unique, and spicy. Recheado in the name of the dish means stuffing in Portuguese. So, this food of Goa is prepared with the tangy and spicy stuffing of Recheado paste infused in the pomfret and is fried with the onions. The food gives the perfect crisp and tangy taste to soothe the cravings. It is preferred with rice and some salad. 

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Bebinca is the renowned dessert that is served in Goa. It solves the problem of sweet craving in just a single bite. This dessert is best known for its taste and its perfect layers. This traditional dessert is prepared with butter, eggs, and coconut milk. The most important and magical ingredient of the dish is jaggery. If you miss this dessert in Goa, then you will surely be regretting it.


pork vindalo

Doesn’t the name of this Goa food make you drool? This Goa food is the best to cater to the needs of pork and meat lover. Vin in the name of the dish means the vinegar, and Ahlo means the garlic. In the preparation of this dish the garlic, cumin, and vinegar play a crucial role. The pork is laced with vinegar and is cooked in the red gravy of ginger, garlic, chili, and cumin. Every bite of the dish gives a tasty, aromatic feel and makes the next bite even more exciting.


goan nevri

Goan Nevri is the sweet token of Goa that deserves a try at least once. It is commonly known as ‘Karanji.’ This delicacy of Goa is prepared by flour balls stuffed with sugar, coconut, almond, and cardamom. This famous sweet dish of Goa is a must dish of Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi.


xacuti chicken

If you want to taste something tender, succulent, and super delicious, try Chicken Xacuti of Goa, one of the most famous foods. This is a tasty dish that is infused with various spices and treats the taste so well. The curry that is prepared for this dish is similar to that is used in the Punjabi curry. The star ingredient of this food is poppy seeds. Don’t forget to give it a try.


chicken carfel

The aroma and the name of this food of Goa can make a person hungry. This is a Portuguese dish, and that is why its name too. This dish is the perfect solution to the cravings of the chicken in Goa. The dish is prepared by the margination of the chicken with a spicy paste. Then it is cooked in rum and vinegar to give it a succulent texture. This is a must-try of Goa.


mussel rawa fry

Mussel Rawa Fry is the favorite snack of Goa all the time. It is the perfect snack that can give a crispy and exotic flavor of spices. This dish is a perfect crunchy appetizer that tastes best with alcohol or ketchup. It is a dish that tends from the inside and crispy and crunchy from the outside. Don’t forget to give it a try while you are in Goa.