Later this year, NASA will unveil its own streaming service, NASA+.

Live broadcasts & original video series will be shown. Notably, NASA+ won’t feature advertisements and won’t require a subscription.

The agency’s Android and iOS apps, mobile and desktop browsers, & media players like Roku, Apple TV, & Fire TV will all be able to access it for free.

Why Is This Story Important?

Currently, NASA broadcasts live on its website and on social media sites like YouTube when a mission launches or other significant events take place.

While it has been simple to access those, NASA+ will offer a completely new, far more practical user experience.

It will benefit from the fact that there will be no ad interruptions or subscription fees.

Providing Accessible Content To Future Generations To Inspire Them

NASA+ has the potential to significantly increase public engagement in space exploration by making scientific knowledge more accessible to a wider audience.

The original video series, as well as a slew of other intriguing content that will be aired on the platform, may serve as an inspiration to the future generation of scientists and engineers, as well as the general public.

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Overhauling Its Website And Mobile App Platforms

Furthermore, it is an attempt to improve its internet presence. The organization intends to combine information about its missions, research initiatives, and upcoming programs such as Artemis into a new web and app experience.

Currently, the space agency has websites dedicated to each of its numerous space and exploration missions. The information from all of them will now be integrated.

Seeks To Improve Public Communication About Its Activities

NASA+, the updated app, and the enhanced web experience may make it easier for individuals to learn about the missions and research initiatives.

This could lead to enhanced public support for the agency’s broader objectives.

They hope that by modernizing its digital presence, it will be able to better explain its work to the public and encourage more individuals to get involved in space exploration.

The Beta Version Of The Improved Web Experience Is Now Available

To make it easier to access information across the websites, the new online and app experience will include navigation and search functions.

In the future, the organization intends to continuously maintain libraries and websites and add new content to them.

If you are interested, you may now view the beta version of the updated online experience at