Amongst the most popular weekend treks from Delhi and Chandigarh is the Triund Trek. It’s perhaps the simplest Himalayan hike to complete on your own. It is also quite scenic, with stunning vistas of the Kangra valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar peaks.

Being the optimal destination for people looking for a hassle-free Himalayan trekking experience. The Triund Trek can be completed at the weekend; the terrain is simple but rugged. The steep ascent is offset by cool walks through the rhododendron and oak trees. The forest along the trail is also home to various songbirds, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. Because it’s a simple trip with easy access from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, many people do it, making it difficult to enjoy the peace and quiet of the place. It can get congested on top over the weekends and during the holiday season.

triund trek

What to Enjoy on Triund Trek

From the trek, you can see the Mighty Dhauladhar Range and other peaks. With only a slight ascent, the trip provides some of the nicest views. You don’t have to travel deep into a valley like Manali or climb for days to see some spectacular views. When you start the walk, you can see the Moon peak, Rifle Horn, Arthur’s Seat, and the majestic Dhauladhar range. Trekking through Himachal Pradesh’s lovely pine forests.

Even though the woodland component of this walk is short, it takes you through a magnificent forest stretch that you will cherish. You’ll pass through rhododendrons, pines, and coniferous trees on your way there. The great opening of the ridge at the end of the tree line is a sight to behold while trekking through the forest. The Triund Trek’s Stunning Sunset; The sunset is undoubtedly the most spectacular aspect of the Triund Trek, and it is what draws all trekkers to stay overnight and camp at the ridge.

Look behind you, and you’ll see the sun setting over the mountain ranges, casting golden light on them. More excursions and treks may be found here. Unlike other peak hikes, the Triund Trek is not the final destination. Trekking aficionados will find that there is much more to see and do. Should you wish to learn more about the Himalayas and trek in the Himalayas, Triund serves as a jumping-off point for many more adventures. There are numerous locations to visit, including going all the way to the snow line, the Lakha Cave, and the Indrahar Pass, which requires a multi-day walk for more experienced hikers.


If you’re not happy with merely trekking to Triund, continue on the trail in Illaqa to Lahesh Caves (also known as Snowline Trek). The Laka glacier lies 2 kilometers uphill from Triund, where you can see the incredible rock-cut Lahesh Cave. You can also travel on the Kareri Lake Trek and visit the Dalai Lama Complex, Kangra Valley, and the Norbulingka Monastery.

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About Triund Trek

Dharamkot is the starting point for the Triund trek. The trip can alternatively be started from McLeodganj or two other nearby villages, Bhagsu and Gallu. The trail from Dharamkot, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the more pleasant, as it ascends through a thicket of pine forests. In the trek documentation, the walk has been broken into two days. It is best to begin the trek as soon as possible as the first half of the hike up confronts the sun, which can be rather harsh later in the day in the mountains.

You must travel to Dharamkot’s water tank, which is located near the government primary school. There’s also a trail that rises through the forest right close to the water tank. To reach the Galu temple clearing, walk up this trail for about half an hour. A little tea store is located directly below the temple. One track leads southwest into the forest to the village of Naddi from here. Another forest trail leads to the creek that flows down from Laka to the northwest. After passing the little shrine, the main trail to Triund continues straight ahead.

triund trek

The trekking path with the forest checkpoint will be visible once you arrive at the Gallu Devi shrine. There aren’t any fees to pay. On the other hand, your ID card is crucial, and your information will be recorded in a book. Your backpack will be inspected for the quantity of plastic it contains, and it will be inspected again when you return. Carry them back safely and journey responsibly.

The trail winds its way up the steep edge of the Laka ridge, passing through dense oak woodlands. As you progress, the track becomes a deep gully, traversing a steep portion before emerging on a rocky spur. For Rs 500, you can take a cab from Mcleodganj to Gallu Devi shrine until finally, you rest for a day in the checkpoint and then head for Dharamkot. 

If you want to go back, the same trail leads back to Gallu Devi shrine and then to Mcleod Ganj town from the Triund summit. You can easily trek back to town because the trail is well-defined, and there are some eateries along the way.

What is the Best Time for The Triund Trek

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The Triund Trek is one of the few treks in the country that can be done at any time of year. While the best time to go is between March and June to avoid the summer heat, the walk is still enjoyable during the cooler winter months, particularly between September and mid-December. During the monsoon, the walk gets more difficult, especially while traversing through the lush green woodlands you’ll encounter.

Furthermore, due to the relentless snowfall in January and February, the way up to the peak is closed for several weeks. The ideal months to visit Triund Trek are May, June, September, and October. The weather is always good. However, it can become a little cool at night. Winters there are bitterly cold, but you can visit in the winter if you don’t mind the chill. There will be fewer people on the trail.

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What to Pack?

triund in winter

Carry a lighter backpack with only a few warmers because the temperature drops at night but rises to a pleasant and warm temperature during the day. Carry a few snacks and a water bottle or flask with you because you’ll pass by two eateries on the last 2-3 km of the Triund Trek. It is also advisable to carry extra warm clothes during the harsh winter seasons.

If you do not feel comfortable carrying a tent, you can easily rent one for the night from the Triund top. Suppose you arrive early in the afternoon at the top. In that case, you can easily hire a tent with sleeping bags for 500-600 INR (do negotiate if offered anything greater than this). However, the price increases if it is crowded, so arrive early.