Waking up early in the morning has several benefits. While remaining awake till late night is the new cool, there’s nothing better than having a fixed daily schedule. There are millions who develop the habit of sleeping late at night and cursing the early morning schedules for their misery. The sleep timing keeps on getting delayed form night to mid-night and mid-night to the wee hours of the next day. This can cause problems for both, your eyes as well as your brain and give birth to problems like headaches, stress, lack of attention, and anger issues. These are only a few of the disadvantages that you may face due to an inorganized sleep timing. It is necessary for a healthy individual to take 6-8 hours of sleep and sleeping late at night can reduce your sleep timing significantly. 

Here are 5 key benefits of waking up early

1. Better Focus: Those who wake up late and rush to work/school/college will know how difficult it is to focus on their respective tasks throughout the day without proper sleep. Most of their time is spent yawning or rubbing the eyes that surrender to the tiredness caused due to improper sleep. You can easily overcome all these problems if you go to bed at a fixed time and wake up early to witness freshness and new energy. Stay away from distractions like watching TV or scrolling randomly on your phone before going to bed so that you can get good sleep. You will feel positive energy running through your body when you wake up the next morning. 

2. Healthy Body and Muscle Recovery: Good sleep has a lot of health benefits directly linked to your digestive system and your brain. Good sleep promotes better digestion and it reduces the risk of a lot of illnesses that occur due to an upset stomach. An 8-hour long sleep is particularly beneficial for those who workout. Workout or Gymming involves breaking and rebuilding of muscles. Good sleep helps in quick muscle recovery and promotes growth. You will see a starking difference in your body growth after you start taking good sleep. This will help you overcome the tiredness caused due to workout and help you in waking up early the next day. 

3. High Productivity: It had been proven both, in ancient studies and modern studies that waking up early has numerous benefits, and high productivity is one key benefit. This is the reason that most of the schools, colleges, and offices function in day time. Students are advised to learn their lessons early morning. Similarly, athletes prefer doing their workout early morning. The reason behind all this is the energy that one possesses early in the morning. The human body experiences maximum energy after waking up early in the morning and thus, the performance also becomes better in comparison to any other part of the day. 

4. Better Sleep Quality: If you are successful in sticking to a fixed schedule and follow consistent sleep timing, you will be able in getting quality sleep. According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 8-12 in the night is the best time for sleep. Going by the standards of today’s world, 10-12 can be considered as the best suited time for good sleep. Anything after 12 can hinder your sleep cycle. This can also reduce your sleeping hours due to the commitments that you have to fulfill the next day. If you go to bed by 12 pm you can wake up early and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Your body becomes habitual to the sleep cycle and you get the necessary rest required after a long day of work.

5. Fight Depression and Anxiety: There is no short and sure cure for depression or anxiety. However, there are steps that you can take to overcome these problems, and waking up early is one of these steps. But for waking up early, a fixed sleep cycle is mandatory. Studies have proved that people who tend to sleep more during the daytime are likely to be depressed. To avoid sleeping in the daytime you need to take proper sleep in the night and wake up early. Once you start waking up early, your body and brain start responding to the cycles of the environment. Due to this, your sleeping and waking up time are regulated accordingly. Once your body and mind start working in sync, you can easily cope with mental health issues.