The country is under lockdown since the past 6 months, many of us have been restricted from going out or to the workplace. While going out is not something that we can do on a daily basis right now, smart people are those who turn tragedy into opportunity. One benefit of the lockdown is that we have been left with a lot of spare time and we can use to utilize that time in learning skills. A human is just a body with life without skills. Skills add value to our lives and make our lives easier. Knowledge is what feeds our minds and give us self-satisfaction. Coming out of the lockdown with the satisfaction of learning some new skills in the spare time will take away the guilt of wasting half-a-year sitting idle. So, instead of lamenting over whatever wrong has happened in the recent past, we can treat this lockdown as an extended summer break and make the most out of it. Here are 5 such skills that you can learn irrespective of the age-group to utilize this time.

  • Reading Habit: Books are the best friends of a human being. Reading books can never go out of style and you can’t read enough even in a lifetime. This lockdown is the best time to refrain from indulging in meaningless social media debates and use that time in reading some books to discover the undiscovered. Developing a habit of reading regularly can prove to be very useful in the long run. Since the purpose behind reading is gaining knowledge and not scoring marks in the exam, students can learn the art of gaining knowledge without any pressure and this can help them in changing their approach towards their studies. If you pick books of your interest, the reading activity can prove to be entertaining as well. The more you learn, the more humble you become. 
  • Learn to Play an Instrument: Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to play any kind of melody. Good music not only acts as a refreshment but also feeds our souls. There are various musical instruments including guitar, tabla, ukelele, harmonium, drum, and sitar that you can learn during this lockdown period. It can be a really fulfilling experience as you can see your hard work transforming into instrumental melodies. You can also use these skills as an alternative earning method and compensate for the losses that occurred during the lockdown.
  • Planning Our Meals: We all live in a very fast-paced world and we all are remain engrossed in our respective fields. One thing that we focus the least during regular days is our eating habits. To add to the misery, fast foods have replaced the nutrient-rich foods on our plates. This lockdown period is the best time to reflect on all those habits and chart out a healthy and balanced diet that we can continue in the long run. You have the opportunity to increase your involvement in the kitchen since eating outside remains in the restriction list due to the current situation. It’s better to develop a sustainable eating habit that can support our body and mind when we return to the world full of hustle and bustle.
  • Money Management: The lockdown has taught us to live with limitations and we have come to know about the difference between necessities and luxuries. The global economy has taken a toll due to a long halt in the production and consumption cycle due to the lockdown. This time is crucial to learn the art of money management that can help you throughout your life. Excess spending is never good and this is the best time to understand the fact. With the per capita income being slashed due to the economic crisis, you need to carefully observe what portion of your funds are being spent in which field. This will teach you how to do more things with a little fund.
  • Time Management: We are a generation that spends a lot of time scrolling through social media and playing with gadgets. Working from home has made us grow out of love with these gadgets even if for a few months. Staying at home means doing daily chores as well. This is the best time to maintain a balance between personal and professional work. This situation can help us in learning the skill of effective time management and it’s gonna help each one of us in every aspect of life. Every individual has 24 hours in their hands and the only way to make peace with your schedule and avoid stress and work overload are through time management.

Happy Learning!